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Eye Lash Curler Reviews

How Do You Buy The Best Eye Lash Curler?

beautiful long eyelashesStart with a quality brand of lash curler from names such as Colorscience, Tweezerman, Bobbli Brown, Luxor, Double Curl, Talika, Cala EZ Grip Eyelash Curler, or the BASICARE Ergonomic Eyelash Curler.

Colorescience Professional Eyelash Curler

The Colorescience Professional Eyelash Curler is another classically designed eyelash curler that is simple to use and clean up after each daily use.

This is a quality professional and very durable cosmetic tool. This style features coated metallic finger loop grippers that are comfortable to use during eyelash curling applications. It is one of the very best eyelash curlers you can use for eyelash curling applications.

It is very useful for creating just the right illusion of beautifully longer lashes when applying you makeup. It features replaceable curler cushion pad liners.

Be sure you pick up a pack of replacements when purchasing your new professional eyelash curler to save time and have some on hand when your curler cushion pads become worn.

This is one type of eyelash curlers that does not take well to being pre-heated, therefore you should not try to heat it up before use. To use the Colorscience professional eyelash curler you will follow the same directions for using the Talika eyelash curler.

Colorescience Pocket Eyelash Curler ~ Eye Lash Curler Reviews

The Colorescience pocket eyelash curler is a modern ergonomically designed miniature sized eyelash curler. It features comfortable use for you to simply apply the level of degree you choose for curling your eyelashes.

It has a rubber like cushioned liner pads that are hygienic and sanitary for your eyelash applications. Its mini pocket size of design provides you with a handy to use and store cosmetic tool for applying you eye makeup.

Since it is so small storing and transporting the unit is very easy and it does not take up much room in your makeup bag. The Colorscience pocket eyelash curler can be pre-heated with a blow dryer safely to intensify the level of degree you wish to apply when curling your eyelashes.

Talika Eyelash Curler ~ Eye Lash Curler Reviews

The Talika Eyelash Curler is a traditionally designed curler. It is classically designed to provide your with longer lasting staying power while curling your eyelashes to the degree of curliness that you with to set your eyelashes with when using this cosmetic tool. It features cushioned grips in the finger loops of the device which offers you a comfortable and easy to use appliance surface.

To use the Talika eyelash curler you will open the curler padded frame up by spreading finger loop handles and then situate your upper eyelashes in between the top and bottom cushioned pads of the eyelash curler frame.

After achieving this position, you will gently apply pressure by squeezing the handles towards each other and hold for just a few seconds.

The degree of curliness that you achieve depends upon the amount of time you hold the pressure procedure. You can chose whether or not to apply mascara before or after use to achieve the effect most becoming to you. Remember, you should always keep your cosmetic tools clean and sanitary.

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