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One of the first things that people notice in one another is the eyes. It is after all, the eyes that offer up the most expression on a person’s face.

The skin surrounding the eyes is not as thick as the skin on the rest of your face is. This skin around the eyes does not have as much oil or sweat glands either. This results in moisture being easily lost.

The loss of moisture will then make dehydration a far greater possibility and lack of moisture is what allows wrinkles to show up.

Skin surrounding the eyes also suffers because it is subjected to movements on a regular basis such as blinking, squinting and smiling. Not to mention the fact that even the small amount of UV rays that you are exposed to on a daily basis can all take elasticity away from the flesh around your eye.

Everyday facial movements like crying, laughing and even the act of placing your hands anywhere on your face makes the flesh around your eyes move. It is therefore not a surprise that your eyes are the first location on your face to show signs of aging.

All of these factors contribute to crow’s feet and lines underneath the eyes to form early, far before the average person is ready to see them appear!

There are ways to minimize the damage that can occur to the sensitive skin underneath your eyes. For example, when taking off your cosmetics, always use a gentle hand. Use a mild make-up remover with a cotton ball.

Work from the outside of your eye to the underneath in the direction of your nose and form a circle. Do not go outside even for short amounts of time without using a product under your eye that will offer you both hydration as well as protection from UV rays.

Eye Care ~ Puffy eyes are a problem for many people. If you fall into this category, some methods you may wish to try to relieve your discomfort are:

arrow Make sure your mascara is fresh, it ideally needs replacing about every twelve weeks to ward off the growth of bacteria.

arrow Puffy eyes first thing in the morning are often a sign of wearing too much eye cream. Make sure you use the minimal amount necessary to do a good job.

arrow Make certain that you are always removing your eye make-up with gentle products and a careful hand.

arrow If possible, elevate your head when sleeping and avoid over consuming beverages directly before bed. Also eliminate as much salt as possible from your food intake daily.

If it is dark circles that are effecting you, they come about from blood passing through small capillaries close to the surface of your flesh. As you age and your eye skin thins, this is will be far more noticeable. Use a concealer geared towards minimizing the appearance of dark circles.

Other factors such as being tired, crabby and even swelling can all impact you and make you appear to be older. You can freshen your skin up in numerous different ways.

Start by putting cotton pads that have been saturated in fluid designed for soothing eyes in the fridge. The next time you have puffy eyes-

arrow Take off your eye make-up - Lay down and elevate your feet.

arrow Put the saturated pads over your eyes. -

arrow Turn on your favorite mellow music and allow yourself to relax for about ten minutes.

When you get back up you will notice how wonderful and refreshed that your eyes now appear and you yourself will feel refreshed.


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Eye Care For Bright Eyes

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