Exfoliate Your Skin To Keep It Young

Exfoliate your skin, it is key to having luminous and healthy skin. This is something we need to do more often as most of us simply go through our usual routine, ignoring this powerful component.

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Beautiful Exfoliated Skin

Each second, we are losing thousands of skin cells through moving even slightly. Given this information, it may seem like an odd idea to exfoliate, but really exfoliation is a tool used to help us get rid of dry and flaky skin so that we can reveal the beautiful fresh skin underneath.

This can also be a useful way to stop new blemishes from popping up and to keep pores open and clear. 

Is Exfoliation Safe For Acne/Blemished Skin?

Many people who suffer from blemishes or who have redness on their skin, tend to hate the idea of exfoliating as they believe it will only make the problem worse.

In fact, exfoliating works well to control these conditions as it prevents new blemishes from popping up and redness is generally unrelated.  Even people who suffer from eczema need to exfoliate in order to get rid of the dry problematic skin.

As long as you don't exfoliate too often, it will not exacerbate any pre-existing conditions. Oily skin is more difficult to loosen than dry skin and should therefore be gently exfoliated more regularly. However, you should never exfoliate over broken skin or open wounds. 

Dermatologists are well aware of your skin needs; after all it is their job to find out what works best. There are a number of products that have gentle exfoliators worked into the cream.

You can always try the manual approach with facial gloves that gently exfoliate but these can be quite harsh on facial skin and are best suited for the body.

The derriere can often get dry and needs to be exfoliated regularly. You can find appropriate gloves and pumice stones and use them in such a way that they become part of your bathroom decor.

The Best Masks For Exfoliation

Facial masks are also a wonderful treat for when you start to look ashy. The good news is you can get these masks for fairly decent prices if you are only going to use them once or twice.

These are easily applied and leave a wonderful, refreshing feeling on the skin. This is also a great way to calm down and treat yourself as they normally smell amazing. 

If you are in need of serious exfoliation, you could always try the chemical option. People often overdo their exfoliating which leads to damaged skin. With a chemical exfoliation you can actually prevent this as it is controlled by professionals. 

Most dermatologists will use beta hydroxyl for acne skin however you can also do this yourself in your own home. Cellex-C Betaplex can also be used at home in a controlled application and doesn't cost all that much. 

Never exfoliate more than 4 times a week and always keep it gentle. If you can resist the urge to scrape off half of your face and use controlled exfoliation as a beauty and health tool, you will have incredible skin in no time.

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