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Exercise Motivation Avoiding Monotony

A little exercise motivation can help you avoid monotony and the boredom. Exercise monotony can eventually bring even a well-established exercise regimen to a slow, grinding halt.

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Tired of That Old Ab Machine?

Yes, an easily amused few can swim (or run, or step, or practice sports) five times a week for years on end and never tire of the activity. But the rest of us need some variety, at least occasionally. So it is smart to mix things up once in a while.

Motivation To Exercise

To do so, we advise that you take a broad view of exercise and use some creativity in planning your workouts. Let's say you played volleyball throughout junior high, but dropped it during high school because you did not have the time to practice 3 days a week with the team.

Would it be crazy to suggest that you join a church or intramural league that plays only once a week, just for the sake of fitness and fun? Or again: If you love to dance, why not make it a point to go to a club at least once every week or two with someone who's into it as much as you are, then stay on the floor long enough to get a good cardiovascular workout?

Even mundane tasks can be the occasion for exercise motivation, provided you keep your mind open to opportunity. Example: If your dog strains at the leash every time you walk her, don't fight it. Go with the flow and aerobicize the event by alternating light jogging with brisk walking. The pooch will think she's croaked and gone to canine heaven, and you'll get a nice workout. Your routine, to sum up, is only as routine as you make it. Get out there and do something new today and use exercise motivation to get you going!

Muscle Memory

You've no doubt heard the term "muscle memory" before. It's used to describe the body's almost uncanny ability to repeat and refine learned physical skills such as riding a bike, throwing a softball, or dancing the Macarena. But when it comes to brute exertion, your muscles have a relatively short memory.

Perhaps they'd just as soon forget about those weights you made them lift or the grueling cheerleading drills you put them through! In any event, your muscles typically "remember" how hard they've recently worked for a period of about 1 to 2 weeks.

As luck would have it, that's just enough time to weather most colds, take an exercise-free vacation with your family, or focus exclusively on schoolwork during finals without losing much of your hard-earned fitness. But if you shun exercise longer than a couple of weeks, you'll need to build back lost strength before resuming where you left off. Use a little exercise motivation and keep moving!

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Updated October 19, 2011

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