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Ewan McGregor Hair

Ewan McGregor Hair Style

Handsome movie star Ewan McGregor has been making women and men
alike take notice from the big screen for years.

ewan mcgregor hair

The ladies are captivated by his noticeable good looks while men pay attention to his sense of style. With his trendy faux hawk, Ewan McGregor has guys all but lining up at their local hair salon to copy his modern hairstyle.

Ewan McGregor’s faux hawk is achieved through a great cut and a few simple styling steps. The results are fantastic and adaptable for various ages and lifestyles. Ewan’s hair has been clipped through the sides and back in what is often referred to as a traditional men’s haircut.

Snipped short, the back and sides are razored while the top has been textured to leave him with the length to form his faux hawk. Although a faux hawk like Ewan McGregor’s can be achieved with all hair types, it is easiest to create of men who have medium to thick hair.
Enjoy, Ewan McGregor Hair



style steps

Wash your hair with products created for your own hair type

Mist lightly with a leave in conditioner and then distribute a golf ball sized amount of styling mousse or gel through damp hair with your fingers

Use a round brush and dry the top of your hair up and ever so slightly forward, keep drying in this manner until your hair is fully dry

Apply some styling wax to your fingertips- not going overboard with the product as it will leave your hair greasy

Use your fingers to spike your hair upward with some angled slightly to the right as well as the left for the subtle messy look that makes a faux hawk interesting


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Ewan McGregor Hair

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