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In the pages of Everything Bathroom Towels you will find information and ideas about monogrammed towels, tassels on towels and even towel folding.

If you've ever gone shopping for bathroom towels you know that they come in a huge variety of colors and designs.

People enjoy mixing and matching their towels to create unique and personal accents in the bathroom that match a theme, a holiday, or a special guest's interest.

In terms of fabric, one of the biggest trends is toward natural fiber towels.

They have great lasting power and absorb a lot of moisture readily. 100% cotton towels seem to have a corner on the mass market but other types are slowly catching up.

As you're shopping for towels watch for ones that have tightly packed loops and long loops. This means you're getting a soft, absorbent towel.

Also check the weight of the towel. The best natural towels are heftier. Finally look for towels that have doubled-under edges so that the towel stays intact wash after wash.

Brand Towel Reviews

Does a name brand really make a difference when you're buying towels? Inquiring minds want to know. Here you'll be able to see what other consumers are saying about every brand from Macy's to Martha Stewart.

Hand Towels

One of the most useful items throughout the home, not just the bathroom. You can use these as accent points and decoration too!

Face Cloths

Looking for a cloth that's soft or one that ex-foliates? How sensitive is your skin? These questions are among several you should ask yourself when purchasing face clothes.

fresh bathroom towels

Never Enough Towels

Kids Towels

The market is filled with extraordinarily cute, playful and vivid towels for children, but not all towels are made alike. What would be best to put against your child's skin (and what towels will they come to treasure)?

Toddlers Towels

Towels can be a real help at bath time to make the experience less stressful for mom or dad, and more fun for our little ones. In particular, hooded toddler towels are a great offering in the market to keep children warm and cozy.

Guest Towels

A special set of towels just for guests make them feel more welcome. As with your own towels you minimally need a bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth.

If you'd like to get a little fancier add a fingertip towel to the set. Don't forget to adorn your bundle with a bow and perhaps handmade soap to round out the impact.

Types Of Towels

bamboo bathroom towels

Bamboo Towels

Green households buy bamboo towels because the fabric is a highly renewable resource that's durable. Additionally bamboo has natural mildew resistance.

egyptian cotton towels

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Read why Egyptian Cotton is a good choice for bath towels, buy quality Egyptian Cotton towels with at least 600 gsm, tips for buying and caring for Egyptian Cotton.

organic cotton bath towel

Organic Cotton Bath Towels

Choosing certified organic cotton or natural green cotton gives you a luxury bath towel that is Eco friendly. Learn the difference of certified organic cotton when buying.

Special Towels

luxury bathroom towels

Luxury Bath Towels

If you're looking for a little pampering, a luxury towel looks and feels like you're a King of Queen. What makes for an excellent luxury bath towel?

Towel Care

mildew towels

Remove Mildew Smell On Towels

Here are the three common reasons that your freshly washed towels can develop that distinctive mildew odor and how you can prevent and eliminate it.

Decorating With Towels

decorative bathroom towels

Decorative Bath Towels

Want a great way to accessorize nearly any room without spending a fortune? Towels are a fantastic answer. Find out easy ways to use towels in decorating.

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