Eva Pigford Hairstyle, Short And Funky

eva pigford funky blonde hairOne look at Eva Pigford and there is no surprise at all to find out that this beauty is a top model. With her faux hawk locks, Eva Pigford has made a wise hair fashion decision. If you have great looking features like Eva does, leave your locks away from your face to show the world your impressive appearance.













Eva Pigford

Eva Pigford wears very minimal cosmetics, which actually does a far better job of showing off her appealing features than an abundance of cosmetics would. If you have sharp and predominate features like Eva does, you do not want to overwhelm them by layer on cosmetics.

If you would rather, you can always choose to pick one feature such as your eyes or your lips and make them the focal point with a heavier hand with your make-up products.

Eva Pigford does an exceptional job of showing that African American women can use color on their hair as well. The almost caramel shade that Eva wears in her hair is so flattering to her complexion. Her cosmetics have also been utilized in a way that works very well with her colored tresses too.

Eva’s gutsy Mohawk took her to the 48th Annual Grammy Awards where she wowed the crowd with her casual yet very dynamic hairstyle. The sides of Eva's hair have been layered and clipped short while the top features angle layers, which create a gentle Mohawk.

Some women may be attracted to Eva Pigford’s faux hawk hairstyle but feel that the look is a little too wild for them. The good news is that you are not required to style your hair into the Mohawk look all of the time.

If you are going somewhere that calls for you to look more conservative such as work, you can decide to style your hair in a more appropriate manner. All that you will need to do to tone down this hairstyle is to use some hair product.

However, when it is time to cut loose, your faux hawk like Eva’s will be fashioned in very little time. All that it necessary to wear your tresses in a modern Mohawk like Eva’s is trims on a regular basis and the bravado to sport a confident hairstyle such as this.

You can implement Eva Pigford’s faux hawk look into your hairstyle future if your tresses are thin to medium in texture. This saucy hairstyle is best suited for women who have oval, heart, round or diamond face shapes.


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Styling Steps - Eva Pigford Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps Wash and condition your locks. Towel dry and detangle with a wide toothcomb.
Style Hair Steps Use your fingertips to work a small dab of gel evenly throughout your hair.
Style Hair Steps Comb your hair again to place it as desired as well as a means for make sure your product is distributed.
Style Hair StepsIf time permits, this hairstyle is best to be allowed to air dry. Bend at the waist and while upside down, tousle your tresses with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps With a generous amount of gel on your fingers and palms, fashion your Mohawk as desired.
Style Hair Steps A misting of strong holding hairspray should keep your hairstyle in place for as long as you need.





Eva Pigford Hairstyle

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