Eva Longoria Hairstyles, Try This Glamorous Look

eva longorias hairstyleWell know for her role as seductive Gabby on Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria looks beautiful any way that she wears her hair.

For this red carpet Hollywood event, Eva Longoria has teased her locks into a glamorous updo hairstyle.

Eva Longoria’s glamorous updo hairstyle is a classic style with a modern flair that allows for a breathtaking look that draws attention.

Reminiscent in many ways of the old Gibson style updo it has just enough of a modern edge to keep it current and fresh.

An elegant updo such as the one worn by Eva Longoria is perfect for virtually any formal occasion.

As noted, Eva wore her glamorous updo to a Hollywood event, however your glamorous updo can take you where you need it to easily.

This glamorous updo would be a terrific choice for a prom, wedding or anywhere else that calls for a sophisticated, formal hairstyle.

Although an elegant updo like this looks time consuming, it is actually rather simple to style.

With the carefully placed cascading tendrils and loose locks, you can relax and be comfortable without having to worry that a hair is out of place.

With the proper placing of pins and a thorough dose of styling spray, you can guarantee that your elegant updo will hold up as long as you want.

This elegant updo is fashionable for most hair types and textures. You can also easily adapt this hairstyle to suit your own styling needs.

Although it will work the best on medium to thick hair, those with fine locks can still achieve a style like this through the use of hair product.

Eva Longoria does not wear bangs with her elegant updo hairstyle. If however, you happen to have a bang or a fringe that can be incorporated into your updo.

An elegant updo hairstyle like Eva Longoria’s is a lovely choice for showing off your facial features. Your eyes, lips, nose and cheekbones will be showcased beautifully.


styling steps
Styling Steps For Eva Longoria's Hairstyle

eva longorias hairstyles
Style Hair Steps If possible, work with day old locks that are not freshly washed.
Style Hair Steps If you do need to wash your hair, use shampoo and conditioner geared for your hair type. And either allow to dry naturally or use a blow dryer and scrunch hair with your fingers while drying.
Style Hair Steps Work a generous dollop of mousse throughout your hair and comb to distribute the product.
Style Hair Steps With a large barrel curling iron, work in small sections around your head creating loose ringlets.
Style Hair StepsOnce cooled, arrange curls with your fingers as desired



Eva Longoria Hairstyles

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