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Essential Oils Online, Tips To Shop And Save

essential oils online

Essential oils become more popular each year and it is now common to see the small amber bottles in local grocery stores, mall kiosks, health food and drug stores.

If you do purchase locally you still will need to be an informed buyer and take the time to find out what you may be purchasing is quality oil and ensure that it fulfills your intended use.

As the quality of essential oils can vary greatly among brands, understanding what information is being provided to you will help you with your purchasing decision.

If you see essential oils collections containing 50 assorted oils for $4.99 you can be pretty sure these are not pure essentials oils.

Guideline for Determining Essential Oil Quality

Essential oils are derived from plants and go through a process which could impact the quality of the oil being used. These plants can be grown on a farm or "wild crafting". The oil quality can be affected by rainfall, soil conditions, and pesticides may also contaminate the essential oil if it is not eliminated in the manufacturing process.

Purification becomes important if you plan on using the essential oil for therapeutic purposes. Even if your intent is to use the oil as an air freshener, the aroma contains particles that enter your blood stream via inhalation.

You may find that there is no expirery date on many essential oils, however you can still use most within 1 - 2 years after you have opened. Always store your oils in dark bottles, blue colbalt bottles or amber glass are the most popular choices.

Never leave rubber stoppers in your oils as the potency of the oil will degrade the rubber and turns it into a gummy substance which can then fall into your oil contaminating the purity. Never expose your oils to excessive exposure of the sun's ultra violet rays, heat, or air which will degrade your oil. Oils are safest stored in a cool, dark place.

You may see essential oils in various dilutions or sold as perfume oils or aromatherapy oils. There are wide variations among these products so take the time to read labels and product to help you safely assess the quality of the oil.

Perfume oils are not the same as pure essential oils and they do not share the therapeutic benefits that pure essential oils offer. Aromatherapy oils may have already been blended with other oils or chemicals or oils and preservatives may have been added to protect and enhance the mixture.

It is fine to buy perfume oils, diluted oils, or pre-mixed blends but just beware of what you are purchasing at what price. These oils are excellent for making soaps, creams, bath salts and other beauty body products.

Online Shopping For Essential Oils

If you are not yet able to find essential oils in your area, your next best source is to buy online.

Many internet companies offer site visitors knowledgeable staff devoted to handling questions and complaints. Many of these sites also feature Live Chat where you can get the information you need as you browse the site’s products.

A good site will post detailed information on how the essential oils are used and help you to identify your particular complaints and recommend which essential oils work best for them.

Be well aware of safety issues and stay clear from essential oils that can interfere with medications you are currently taking.

Buying essential oils online and reading any information provided should never replace your doctor’s or a medial professional’s instructions or advice. If you have any concerns about your use of essential oils discuss them with your doctor.

If you visit a site that does not explain or list the ingredients of the brands they sell, or provide you with this information by your email request, click away.

essential oils onlineSadly there are sites around that claim to be selling essential oils but are actually only hawking a diluted version of the oil or the perfume oil.

Buying Essential Oils Online ~ Comparison Shopping

Buying essential oils online also gives you the opportunity to do some great comparison shopping. The more exotic essential oils will usually have the higher prices on every site but you can check each site’s current coupons or discounts. Many offer free shipping for a certain size purchase, free gifts with purchase, or buy one get one free.

It can be worth your while to sign up for the newsletter of the top 1 or 2 sites you like most to be notified of upcoming offers and seasonal specials.

Essential Oils Online

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