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buying essential oilsYou may have first enjoyed scented Essential oils in a bath or beauty product you received as a gift or as a treat you purchased for yourself. You knew as you opened the jar or unwrapped the paper that this treasure differed from other products you may have used.

One does not miss the quality and richness of the scent over beauty products made from synthetic essences. Both men and women are seeking this quality and the growing trend in the use of scented oils has been seen by the health and beauty market.

Not only do we have a bounty or ready made products to enjoy, we can also enjoy scented oils in products we can make ourselves.

Scented oils enable you to create your own unique personalized blends of quality bath products, soaps, and massage oils.

Start with any one of these quality base products: essential oils, carrier oils, beeswax, soaps, salts, or creams you create your beauty products exactly as you like them.

When you purchase ready made products, some may be too strong or too light. Some products may claim to have a certain level or purity or certification and still not be as effective as they claim to be. Remove the uncertainty by being able to create your own health and beauty products.

As we mentioned men also enjoy the pleasures and benefits of scented oils. Surprise your partner with seductive blends of massage oils or skin care products that will enhance his masculinity or provide him emotional balance. You may need to experiment with different oils and carrier media to obtain the right blend for your special someone. Try a combination of amber and chocolate in equal amounts for a sexy scent both of you can wear for an at home date night. This one is fun, so do not save it just for Valentines Day.

Enjoy scented oils with family and friends once you have a little experience. Make memorable gift baskets that are stuffed with your own special blends of essential oil combinations and other useful products such as bath brushes, towels, diffusers, or anything that your gift recipient would appreciate.

pure essential oilsCreate theme baskets or packages and keep them on hand for hostess or get well gifts. Know someone at home with a bad cold?

Learn about the medicinal effects of essential oils such as eucalyptus and combine with other oils to create a "Cold buster" package that will be a most welcome surprise. Add a box of pretty Kleenex, tea, warm socks, and a good book.

If you need a hostess gift for a friend that has just moved, try a relaxation basket, with products made from calming Lavender, a soothing CD, and a new pair of pretty slippers.

As you can see there are many ways to enjoy scented oils and even have fun with them.

Just remember there is a difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. Fragrance oils do not carry the wanted therapeutic benefits of essential oils. As the scented essential oils are only derived from a plant, tree sap, flower, leaf, or bark.

Your fragrance oils are most likely synthetically manufactured loosing the healing benefits if the original properties of the plant are not intact. Your goal is to make a high quality product and you can only do that using essential oils.

Enjoy, scented oils


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