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Your emo styles from visitor's around the world. This page is for your looks and your style. Would you like to see how the girls and boys in London or perhaps Switzerland wear an Emo? So would we!
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Emos From Around The World

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girls emo hair

Girls Emo Hairstyles

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Short Girls Emos

girls-short-emo-with-blue My story is quite simple, I didnt actually know of the emo style until someone told me that I was emo, I had the blue in my hair and the sideswiped bangs. I mainly get my clothes from hot topic. Also I didnt know until someone said something to me that emo can be offensive and
Everyone also thinks that you have to slit your wrists to be emo but no you dont. Your just....Emo. My favorite emo icon is girl off of invader zim. My sister calls me E-bear which is short for Emo bear!
From: Gobles, Mi



I love these hair styles so i decided if i was gonna do something different i might as well go big with it so i dyed most of my hair hot pink using manic panic hair dye and then dyed the underneath pitch black and i also cut it short. i loved it and everyone else seemed to enjoy it also.

i dyed it may 2007 and it is now november 2007 and since then i have changed my hair from pink to purple, from purple to a mixture of blue green and purple, and it is now fully black and soon i am going to be dying the whole underneath of my hair bright rainbow colors while the top stays black. =)
From: palmyra nj


dilmaras emo hairstyle from peru


Dilmaras Emo Hairstyle
Peru Submitted 03/09/2007


short-emo-girls-chelsey I have always wanted my hair to be unique. I used to have long brown hair but I got tired of it. I have cut off 17 inches of my hair and donated it to the locks of love foundation. From then on I have maintained short style haircuts. So far I have had 4 new short hairstyles and I am still trying others out.
From: Florida



Emo From England

I used to have long hair and when I got it cut short I got bullied for being like a bloke, then one day I got so annoyed I hit my mate and he was like woah, is it annoying you and then once he realized this he helped me beat the bullies.
From: England


Medium Girls Emos

Cutting My own Emo

girls medium length emo

Well, it all started when I first started cutting my own hair, I wanted to top to be short so I could tease it so that it would pop up.

Then, I kept trying out different hair colours, and I finally dyed it back to Brown.

But since I had bleach and black in it before, it is toned brown. Now, my hair is sort of mullet-like.

Yeah, I'm bringing the mullet back. It's short on the top of the back, and I spike it up.

And ever since I found out that my parents are divorcing, I decided to cut it again. Now it's short in length, and I'm going to bleach little strands of the short pieces, and then dye some of them light blue.
From ~ Florida


girls layered emo Yeah so at first I got my hair cut not as drastic but now its a little more on the emo side. Its fun and has shorter layers in the back. I'm getting my hair trimmed again soon so I'm going even more drastic; choppier in places. Still I love my hair cut and get compliments on it all the time. :)

Girls Long Emos


girls long emo

Girls Long Emo Hairstyle ~ S.B.
My style is generally Emo and a little of Scene kid. I love my hair at the moment. My hair used to be a normal style of hair and I literally got bored of it.

So, I decided to have a very expensive Emo haircut so that it will suit me more. I used to be Girly and I was like a loser at it and I didn’t even know why I was one.

So, I decided to become Emo because the style of it sounds so amazing and I love the Emo/Skater/Scene cult way more than any others.

I straighten my hair because when it gets wet, it stays straight but slightly wavy and to hold it I use BedHead sometimes only because it’s an awesome hair product that you could ever get but very complicated to get rid of it from my hair sometimes and I use V05

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long weave emo I got the worse weave in the store, I go and get my hair done and it was ugly cause the blonde tracks are thin and broon like, and the black hair is as thick as mine but also broom like.
So I put it up in 2 french rolls to hide just how bad the weave was. thank God for talent.
From: Killeen Texas


Tia emo ideas

yep hello its me
i'm sort of strange but i'm always up 4 a gud laff unfortunately my hair does get a gud laff its crap n i don't no wot emo cut 2 hav any ideas?

From: england,uk



I love my hair

its me

it was a good day

From: Quezon City



Emos Color

bad hair day to good hair day

girl emo hot pink My hair used to be a mess i had long thick curly blonde hair and i hated it. I started listening to mcr and got into emo music and turned emo. I desperately needed a new hair style!!! so i went to the salon and got my hair done as longs side bangs and spiked back with a side swept fringe straightened each day. I love my hair now!!!!!
From: Wroxall, Isle of Wight, Great Britain


girls emo alyssa I love my hair it is my life and what makes me me at first my mom and dad were not 2 crazy about it but they have excepted me 4 who i am. Now they had 2 face the fact that I was emo. I have been outing since my dad got a divorce and started dating this blond bimbo who uses my dad 4 the money 2 give her 4 kids with all different fathers stuff they want
From: Arkansas




manic is amazing i dyed my bangs blonde then put manic panic! in it and u can get it at hot topic or spencers!! ITS AMAZING!!!

From: Texas


girls-long-black-pink-emo-danea what am i to you?
im just another line on another page.
another story left unwritten, another book left untold.
what does it really matter what i am to you?
From: Kent, England



Emos Comments


I was scared to become an emo
"But im so much sadder now, I used to pretend all these bad things around me were non-exsistent, but now I can really devote myself to the realization of the world's misfortune and unhappiness.

Im feeling so much more confident with myself now that I can shy away myself from other people around me, and my fringe really helped. I didnt care about the abuse or scissors people through at me, because I now knew who I really wanted to be.

I'd found a new found love for the beauty in saddness

I'm emotional. live with it."

From: tunbridge wells, east sussex, england


Boys Emos ~ Hairstyles And Haircuts

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Guys Short Emo Hairstyles


My " EMO" Hair How To Grow An Emo ~ Where do I begin... I suppose after the 90's gelled look I needed something different, so once I left secondary school I grabbed the chance to make something of my hair.

My hair originally started from a number 2 shaved round the back and sides.

The top being just plain and short. So I really had some time to wait before my hair would have any length to begin even thinking of the emo look.

While waiting for my hair too grow I had to stop my self going to the hair dressers and getting it shaved as I felt my hair was helpless. It had no style or texture and just looked like a mop.. with unfortunately some light curls.

Though I was pleased to see my bulls lick in my fringe had become managable. My hair dresser though got me through this time by giving me some layers and thinning out my mop making it bearable.

Finally after months of waiting my dirty blonde hair had the length I wanted so badly and I had invested apon a decent set of straightners.

Naturally iI went straight to the hair dressers then I described the style I wanted down to every little detail, I must have spent about 15 mins just telling her what I wnated.

I wasn't going to let my my hair be ruined in 5 minutes after my struggle. Basically I got lots of layers and thinned out and alot of texture etc.

Then when I got home bam I went straight for the hair dye, haha I did it all comsic blue untill the back of my ears and the rest an auburn sort of colour and waow I got some whistles the next day going into college :P!

Anyway this was the begining for my love of hair and now a trainee hairdresser :P something that I didnt think would ever be for me is now my life and I love it.
From: Northern Ireland

"Beautiul And Sexy!"
"Your hair is so beautiful! We should hook up sometime! Your so cute, do you have a girlfriend? Hope not! mwah xxxxxxx"
" wow your hair is amazing!"



Guys Medium Emo Hairstyles

boys medium emo seth

Well, I didn't really even know what emo was until I moved to Utah.

Ha ha yeah I used to be the biggest punk pretty much and I hated a lot of emo music and I thought tight pants were gay and the hair was just weird but after a year I decided I wanted emo hair.

Well my hair was bright blonde and about down to my shoulders before I wanted emo hair but then i went to get a short mohawk and it was pretty cool.

soo I went to my hair dresser and she knew exactly what I wanted but my hair was a little short soo she cut it so it would grow out like i wanted and it did.

I just cut it myself a few minutes ago and I think it looks pretty good but it still needs to grow out but yeah thats my story.

From: eagle mt. ut us


boys emo thick hair

This a pic OF my boyfriend! He is Em0!

From: United States



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