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Elizabeth Swann Costume Ideas

The character of Elizabeth Swann has finagled her way into history as a strong, powerful woman and a force to be reckoned with – for pirates of any caliber.

Not Just A Damsel In Distress

In the "Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy, we’ve watched her rise from damsel in distress, to pirate king in her own right.

As Halloween approaches, what other character lends herself to so many different variations of costume?

Even better when you’ve got a Will Turner or Captain Jack Sparrow at your side!

For gals more interested in Miss Swann’s romantic story, dress up in the wedding gown she wore in the beginning of the second "Pirates” movie.

Look for accurate replicas of her long white dress, complete with gold bows and embellishments, full sleeves, and petticoats, or you can find yourself in any old tattered white gown, with your sights set on finding the man you love!

Wear hair in a somewhat tousled up-do, and stay pretty with natural makeup, or continue a disheveled theme with a bit of smudge on the cheeks and forehead.

Pay a visit to pirate hairstyles and makeup for more ideas.

You could also replicate any one of the elegant gowns she donned in the first movie – before becoming a full fledged pirate!

Elizabeth’s Calypso Costume

Another fun costume alternative is Elizabeth’s Calypso costume as she was crown pirate king.

A red kimono tied over a long silky blue skirt will do the trick, or even slightly wide legged silky pajama bottoms under a mandarin collared top.

The headdress is the thing, turquoise and patterned with red tassels dangling off.

There are some beautiful ones to be bought, or go DIY and fashion your own out of fabric and gold bric-brac.

Wear hair messy and up, swept back from the face, think a casual bun and throw a chopstick or two through it to keep it up.

And don’t forget to wear one of those pieces of eight around your neck on a cord!

Once she was crowned king (queen?), Elizabeth switched up into her ornate and lovely Singapore costume.

Look for long layers in black and gold, and belted top layers to hold a sword.

Costume Inspiration

Womens Pirate Costume Idea

Swashbuckling Garb With A Sexy Edge

Arguably the most popular version of Elizabeth Swann’s gear is the menswear-ish (a pirate’s version, at any rate) swashbuckling garb – with a sexy edge.

You’ll need a thick waist cincher and broad shoulder epaulets. It’s harder to put together, but quite an impressive looking outfit!

Wear a blousey white shirt with a deep v-neck (or a few buttons undone), and top it with a long belted vest.

Pants should be long bloomers, and pair them with some flat or platform boots.

Set long hair in large rollers to add shape and volume, and wear it long and loose under a tricorn pirate hat!

Makeup can be as dramatic or as natural as you dare – depending on how authentic you’d like your costume to be.

You’ll need a sword slung through your belt loop, and a haughty pirate attitude to get you through the night!
Enjoy dressing up as Elizabeeth Swann

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Elizabeth Swann

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