Elise Neal Hairstyle, Piecey Bangs Compliment Long Layers

elise nieal jagged ends long hairAfrican American television and film star Elise Neal looks downright delightful in her long layered hairstyle with bangs. This look that Elise wears is adept at showing how easy it is for African American hair to be worn long and straight if desired.

Elise Neal

Many women with black hair have a natural curl to their tresses or at the very least a large amount of wave. However, with some good styling products and tools if necessary, you too can make your African American curls smooth and straight.

It does not matter what hair type you were born with, there are products and tools that allow you to have the locks you have always dreamed of!

Bangs seem to add a new dimension to a hairstyle and are a smart way to change your entire look without being forced to compromise length.

If your locks are long like Elise’s and you want a change without doing anything drastic, bangs can be a good solution.

Although they fall across the full length of her forehead, Elise Neal’s bangs are still not overwhelming. This is because the length of her bangs is not too long and the bangs themselves are piecey.

Not to mention the fact that Elise’s bangs were clipped to blend in with the rest of her hair, so there is an even flow to the overall hairstyle.

Elise is only one of countless celebrity and regular women alike to have discovered the beauty of adding layers to your hair. The long somewhat jagged yet still soft layers in her hair provide extra depth and definition to her hairstyle.

It is without a doubt that when Elise showed up at the premier of "Beauty Shop” sporting this long, layered look that everyone around took immediate notice.

Elise Neal’s locks are a warm, deep auburn shade, which offer sheen and gloss. The ends are a darker shade, which provides new and interesting dimensions to her style. Elise has chosen a color that very much flatters her complexion and skin tone.

You can easily wear and style your locks by yourself at home if you have the long, layered look that Elise wears. You will just to ensure that if your tresses are not naturally straight that you offer yourself enough preparation time to smooth your locks.

eliese nieal jagged ends long hair

Styling Steps - Elise Neal Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with products designed for African American locks.
Style Hair Steps Evenly distribute a small touch of straightening balm throughout your damp hair.
Style Hair Steps Using a round brush, blow-dry your bangs forward and under.
Style Hair Steps The sides of your hair should be dried down. While drying the back, start at your nape and work down. Always dry your locks in small, manageable sections.
Style Hair Steps Dry your hair on the lowest setting that you can. This will go a long way towards protecting your tresses from damage that can result from using heated styling tools.
Style Hair Steps Smoothing shine can now be applied with your fingers. Avoid using this product on your roots, as it will weigh your locks down.
Style Hair Steps If desired, mist with a light touch of hairspray for hold.





Elise Neal Hairstyle

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