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Elfin Haircuts With Charlize Theron

elfin haircut charlize theronThere are so many wonderful words one can say about Charlize Theron’s elfin haircut. The two that stand out the most however are cute and elegant. Elfin haircuts have been around for many years without ever fading out of style.

Although they may have faded to the hair fashion background through the years, an elfin hairstyle has never fully gone away.

Now, the elfin haircut such as the one that Charlize Theron has is back at the forefront of hair fashion and looks better than it ever did.

An elfin hairstyle always looks neat and stylish. With your locks clipped as short as this, styling time is minimal at best. This is literally a wash and wear hairstyle if you so desire.

Charlize will always be ready to go with a cropped haircut like her elfin. You too can look lovely and chic in a cute yet elegant elfin hairstyle. Everything from a walk in the park to a fancy affair are suitable situations to show off your elfin hairstyle.

Elfin hairstyles are generally a basic cut. However, you can always have slight adjustments done to suit your own hairstyle preferences.

For Charlize, her stylist opted to taper the back and sides while creating texture through the top with lengths that were chipped in.

Oval, square, triangular, diamond and oblong face shapes can wear an elfin hairstyle wonderfully. The longer your face happens to be, the more an elfin style will suit you.

Although this elfin hairstyle that Charlize Theron has works best with tresses that are thin to medium, thick locks can wear a cut such as this as long as they are thinned.

A touch of mouse and hair wax is all that is necessary to place this elfin into fine form. Looking good has never been as easy as this. As already stated, you can wash and go if you like. If however, you would like to style your locks somewhat, it will take you only mere minutes.

Styling Steps - Charlize Theron's Elfin Hair


style stepsWash your hair with products geared towards your current hair type.

style stepsTowel dry and distribute mousse throughout your tresses evenly for hold. Short locks will receive a certain amount of texture from mousse.

style stepsWhile blow drying, use a small round brush. A small brush should be chosen for its ability to help style shorter tresses.

style stepsThe back of your hair should be dried working from the nape down. Drag the brush from the roots and on to the mid length's. When you are drying your ends, work under allowing them to curve.

style stepsThe sides of your hair will need to be dried under and your bangs should be dried in a forward motion.

style stepsStyle your bangs forward with wax on your fingers. Draw your fingertips through your bangs for texture.

style stepsThe back of your hair will need to be waxed down. Pinching small sections of hair will result in a sculptured, yet still messy style

style stepsYour sides can be worked down with wax on your fingers.

style stepsWhen it is time to work on your roots, lift slightly with wax for volume.


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