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Electrolysis Thermolysis Blend Method For Hair Removal

hair removalThere are many different methods you can choose from when deciding on how you want to go about removing unwanted hair from your body.

One very popular technique for a large number of people in the quest to eliminate hair is electrolysis, thermolysis or a blend of the two.

Although Electrolysis is a great method of hair removal that has been around for a very long time, it is certainly not for everyone.

There is a large amount of discomfort involved in Electrolysis that makes it a hair removal choice that not every woman can deal with.

Electrolysis destroys each hair follicle so that it no longer has the ability to grow. Typically the more treatments of Electrolysis that you have, the less that you will need, as the absence of your hair will become permanent.

The process of the Electrolysis Thermolysis blend includes a thin probe being place into the follicle of the hair ensuring that your flesh is not pricked. A current of electricity is then allowed to pass through the ending of the probe. This event causes a chemical reaction to happen.

As a result, the salt and water molecules in the follicle transform into lye, which causes the hair to become loose and causes lasting damage to the base of the follicle.

The hair, which is now loose, is carefully extracted with tweezers. This procedure is done at every follicle where hair is to be detached.

As mentioned, although Electrolysis is a great way to permanently remove hair, it causes a large amount of discomfort and also can cost a lot of money. Not to mention the fact that because Electrolysis can take a large amount of time not many people would opt to use this method for large areas on their body.

You only want to seek Electrolysis from someone who has been trained properly. This is because if you receive Electrolysis from a person who has not been trained the right way; your skin can become damaged for good. Also, if the follicle is not treated in the right manner, it is bound to grow again.

Thermolysis is a lot like Electrolysis in that the hair is removed by a probe being inserted into the hair follicle. When the probe has been inserted, it results in the water molecules within the follicle bouncing around and creating heat.

It is the heat that ensures the base of the hair follicle is destroyed which will not allow it to grow again. Although a method of choice for many, this type of hair removal does not produce as high of quality of results as Electrolysis does.

As with Electrolysis, you will only want to seek the aid of a professional as if preformed improperly, you can be left with burns or scars. Although both of these methods can be expensive, it is far better if you save your money and work with someone who has been trained rather than risk hurting yourself.


Electrolysis Thermolysis Blend Method For Hair Removal
If your wallet and pain tolerance can handle Electrolysis and or Thermolysis, you are bound to be pleased with the long-lasting, hair free results that you will end up with.

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Electrolysis Thermolysis Blend Method For Hair Removal

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