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Electric Nail Files

Are They The Perfect Nail File?

So you've started shopping for the "perfect" nail file - not so easy is it? There's the trustworthy emery file, the durable metal file, the flashy diamond file and even the technically savvy electric nail files! Goodness, how do you begin to figure out what you want?

There are some manual nail files that hold up for a pretty long time - particularly glass and ceramic. However, if you're a professional nail stylist or like your nails to appear like they've been done by a professional, then electric nail files might be the perfect solution.

Cost Factors

Before you purchase, however it is very important to lay some groundwork. For one thing electric nail files cost between $90 and $450.00. This is a far cry from the $14 ceramic file, or the $3.00 metal file! So you want to be certain you will use the instrument enough to justify the huge cost difference.

Additionally the amount you use it also directly impacts the overall durability for which you want to shop. The longer lasting an electric nail file is, the more it costs.


Electric nail files have different tweaks depending on what suits your lifestyle. If you’re constantly walking around and talking while doing your nails, you may want to opt for a cordless, chargeable nail file. Note, however, that this nifty option increases your price considerably from corded versions.

Besides this look at the types of bits the nail file offers. You may have to pay extra for different bits too. Finally if you can get to a store where you can try electric nail files in person, that’s a great way to find a product that’s comfortable in your hands.

The noise level and vibrations from these nail beauty tools varies a lot. You want to know that the implement fits your hand and your nail needs perfectly.


Using an electric file takes some time and practice to master. Please read your product’s instructions completely and if possible find someone who can give you a few lessons so you don’t inflict injury. If you do not feel you have the time to invest in using this product safely and effectively you’re probably better off with manual nail files.


Electronic nail files are a leap in nail beauty technology, but generally one that’s been kept inside of salons. Some people are willing to spend the money and take the time to learn how to use these files effectively, but other simply opt for more traditional files instead.

If you decide you want an electronic nail file, consider it an investment and research it accordingly.

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