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Egyptian Cotton Towels

Choose Egyptian cotton towels when quality counts.

Truth about Towels

The right kind of towel can take the most mundane of bathrooms and make it feel luxurious. The question becomes then, what type of fabric do you want in a good bath towel?

You've probably heard about Egyptian cotton towels but when you're shopping it's good to know what really sets Egyptian towels apart from the throng.

The Difference

Terrycloth or bamboo? Microfiber or velour? There are so many types of towels and towel manufacturers it's hard to know what's what. This list provides the fundamentals:

  • Bamboo: Bamboo towels are made from a renewable resource making them ecologically friendly. They are naturally resilient to mold and mildew and are beginning to find a niche in the home improvement industry. The cost for these towels remains high comparatively speaking.
  • Terry Cloth: Terry cloth offers great absorbency and affordability.
  • Microfiber: This type of towel is recommended for people with delicate or sensitive skin because it's very soft.
  • Turkish Towels: another pricey option, Turkish towels are all about lush comfort. These are very bulky towels so if you've got limited shelf space, reconsider.
  • Velour Towels: Not the best towel to choose for absorbency but they can serve as decorative items.
  • Organic Cotton: Certified organic cotton is grown without any pesticide or fertilizers. It's "green" friendly and a good choice for people who have allergies.
  • Pima Cotton: Similar to Egyptian cotton with long fibers, but grown in the United States.
  • Combed Towels: a combed towel has short or uneven fibers removed, making the overall cloth stronger
  • Ringspun Towels: The cotton for these towels has a combination of short and long fibers. These get twisted together for strength and softness.
  • Twisted Towels: In a twisted towel, as the name implies, the yarn gets twisted. A low number of twists results in a very plush towel while a high number makes a resilient towel.

Last but not least we get to Egyptian cotton towels. These offer long cotton fibers, meaning the towel is durable without loosing its softness.

Egyptian cotton is high quality, it has a long life span, and its among the most popular materials for bathroom towels (especially in the hotel industry).

As you seek out Egyptian cotton towels remember that they're not all made the same way. Look at the packaging to see if you can find a gsm (grams per square meter) rating.

Any towel that has at least 600 gsm is going to be a good one (and a heavy one). You also want a towel that's been finished with double edges all around to prevent fraying or snagging.

In terms of how many towels to buy – that may depend on your budget. The most common guideline on buying family towels is to have about two full sets per person so that you can rotate the towels. This extends their life span.

Care and Keeping Egyptian Cotton Towels

Egyptian towels are an investment but when taken care of properly can last for many, many years.

When you first buy these towels you will want to run it through a rinse cycle. There's no need to use dryer sheets or fabric softeners (these can actually deter absorbency in good cotton).

Also avoid putting the towels into loads where clothing like denim might run and ruin the coloring on them.

Egyptian cotton towels are readily available in the market, but its wise to do your research before you buy and check consumer reviews on the brand you're considering.

The best time to buy Egyptian towels is when you're redecorating so that you can match them to the features of your bathroom.

Buy a set for guests – this is a great way to make people feel like they're at a four-star hotel when visiting. And remember to buy a set for yourself too! It's a great way to pamper yourself with a little luxury every day.
Enjoy, Egyptian Cotton Towels

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Updated March 16, 2012

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