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The New Green Eco Spas

Gradually we are all becoming more receptive to and encouraging of an eco-friendly environment.

Green living, biodegradable products, lowering emissions and carbon footprints are all subjects found in our daily lives.

It is not surprising that the spa industry is also starting to offer more ecologically sound treatments and facilities.

An Eco spa resort will provide holistic therapies and use natural products, put a few have taken things one step further and are designated 'eco-spas'.

Eco-spas are a relatively new and emerging innovation.

For their clients they offer treatments and therapies using only 'green' products made from natural sources and without any chemical enhancements.

The treatments themselves will be holistic, and are often drawn from ancient Asian traditional remedies and methods, developed centuries ago in a time where man lived more in harmony with their surroundings than we do today.

But it doesn't stop there. A true eco spa resort will endeavor to go as green as possible, from using recycled paper to furnishings made only from sustainable sources, whilst retaining all the luxury and comfort one expects of a spa.

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The Naya Fresh Body Spa

In Chatsworth, California, the Naya Fresh Body Spa became the first eco spa in the San Fernando Valley when opened its doors in June 2008.

Once inside those doors you will find everything you might expect of a luxury day spa, chic décor, opulent furnishings and sumptuous surroundings.

What may not be so obvious is that the interior was designed using only natural and renewable materials including bamboo and stone, which feature throughout the premises.

Naya also keep their impact on the environment to a minimum by using only renewable energy resources, and keep the place sparkling using allergen free detergents and cleaners.

Their entire range of organic treatment products are custom developed by their in-house apothecary, which is not only eco friendly but enables them to tailor products to suit each individual client.

Naya have managed to seamlessly blend luxurious and effective spa treatments that leave their clients refreshed and invigorated, with surroundings that respect and look after the environment.

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The Titanic Spa

Across the Atlantic in England, the Titanic Spa in Yorkshire recently became England's first eco spa. Inside this converted textile mill the guest will find the most contemporary, luxurious and stunning spa.

Its facilities are fabulous and its treatments rival any at the top-flight luxury spas throughout the world.

But from it's solar panels and salt water pool to the bore hole that supplies the water for it the Titanic is doing everything it can to become carbon neutral.

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Mobile Green Eco Spas

While not an eco spa resort the Green Bliss Eco Spa in Los Angeles approaches the eco spa ethos from a slightly different angle.

Green Bliss is a mobile spa, bringing their luxury eco-spa concept to the client, with spa parties, events and individual treatments provided in the comfort of the client's own home or business premises.

Randi Ragan, founder of Green Bliss is a devotee of all things green and eco-friendly.

A hugely knowledgeable and respected expert in the wellness industry she offers luxurious treatments using only organic products, free from chemical preservatives, emollients and surfactants.

Her suppliers are local artisans and craftsmen, who supporter fair trade practices.

Green Bliss offers treatments to stimulate and enhance both body and soul, whilst also seeking to educate their customers on ways that they can help the environment by embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

In essence, an eco-spa is one that combines luxury, well being and ecological awareness. Something that most of us would agree is a positive move in today's environment.

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