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Easy To Do Hairstyles

easy to do hairstylesIf you have short to medium length hair, there are many fun, easy to do hairstyles that you can wear.

Here, we will cover some of the basic steps required in order to achieve these fabulous looking styles.

If you are looking for some simple, effective styles that you can wear just about anywhere, you will love the styles that are mentioned here.


Following are three additional easy to do hairstyles that you can create from the basic medium short hairstyle above.

easy to do hairstylesSlick and in Shape!

If you are looking for a slick and in shape hairstyle, the following lists the styling steps that are necessary:

style steps First, you will want to make sure that the hair is wet. This will allow you to easily comb the style into place.

style steps Once the hair is wet, you will simply want to place a little mousse on it in order to hold it in place.

style steps The next thing that needs to be done is that you need to brush the hair into place. The bangs should be swept to one side, and the other side of the hair should be brushed behind the ears. The back should be brushed straight down.

style steps Once the style is in place, you should lightly spray it with hairspray to set the style. This is all there is to it.

easy to do hairstylesZigzag Side Sweep

There is a very unique design that can be used when it comes to hairstyles that are appropriate for short hair. This is what we like to refer to as the "zigzag side sweep”. This is a very interesting hairstyle that many women have come to love because it is so unique. In order to achieve this style, please follow the steps listed below:

style steps The first thing that you will want to do is wet the hair. Wet hair is much easier to style when it comes to the zigzag side sweep hairstyle. You may elect to shampoo and condition the hair prior to starting on the styling that is required for this hairstyle.

style steps Once the hair is wet, you should rub some hairstyling gel through it. This will help in the area of holding the style appropriately.

style steps Once you have accomplished the above steps, it is time to start the styling. First, you will want to part the hair to one side. The majority of your bangs should be left to be brushed down on the face. The rest of the bangs should be pulled behind the ears.

style steps Now, it is time to work on the part. This is where the zigzag design will be put into place. You should angle the hair to reflect medium sized zigzags or "V” shapes from behind the bangs to the back crown of the head.

style steps Once you have performed these steps, it is time to spray the hair with hairspray. Once the style is set, you are ready to rock with your new zigzag side sweep!

easy to do hairstylesThe Full Body Do

The full body do is often preferred by women who are petite in size and are looking to add new "heights” to their appearance.

This is an easy to do hairstyle because there are only a few steps necessary to achieve this look. They are listed below:

style steps The hair should be dry. You should brush the sides back with a full, radial type brush in order to achieve this look.

style steps Once the sides are brushed back, you should spray the sides and the back with a little hairspray.

style steps You should then take a hot roller and roll back the bangs, and spritz some hairspray on them. Once a few minutes have passed, take the roller out and brush.


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Easy To Do Hairstyles

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