Easy Stencil Tattoos

Looking how to do easy stencil tattoos if you just want to sport one for the weekend. Using stencils for temporary tattoos is a great way to show off a design for a special event or try one on before you go permanent. There are many ways to create easy stencil tattoos but let’s keep it simple and safe with non-toxic face paint that you can get at any craft supply store.

Tribal Stencil Butterfly

Step By Step Easy Stencil Tattoos

First, I found the design I wanted (a butterfly) and got it sized for the area that I was going to tattoo (the back of my hand - since I am doing this myself). If you find a stencil on the internet or one you can print it’s easy to resize with an image adjusting software like Photoshop. Of course, if you don’t have Photoshop or another program like it you can always reduce or enlarge the size of your stencil on a copy machine.

Trace your design onto any material that is clear and you can peel and stick to your surface. I used clear shelf liner but clear laminate sheets would work too. Just make sure to read all directions on any product you use to make sure that it is safe to use on your skin. In fact, test on a small piece of skin to see if you get any reactions and just to know what to expect when you put something on your skin.

Next, using a craft knife cut out the design from your clear paper. Once you separate the cut out look at the pieces that have been cut out and the remaining page. You may be able to use either one as your stencil design. With this project, I’ll show you how this works. Notice the Henna style tattoo is made with the pattern removed and the purple butterfly is from tacking the cut out pieces on my hand. 

Peel the back off the paper and roll onto the surface to be painted. Make sure all edges are down against the skin so that paint can’t seep under and you’ll get clean lines.

Paint The Stencil On Your Hand

Apply the face paint on the exposed skin. I used a sponge brush to blot paint all over the entire area. A sponge brush leaves a smoother finish without the lines from a brush tool.

Peel Off Stencil

Let the paint dry and slowly peel off the stencil.

Butterfly Hand Stencil

For the henna style tattoo I used the brown paint and put it on very thick. After I peeled off the stencil, a thick top layer of paint was peeled off and the stained henna look remained. For this butterfly I covered the whole area with a light purple and then darkened in the center with a dark blue.

The paint that I am using can be easily washed off with soap and water but again make sure to read all directions so that you know what to expect. By the way, if you like the butterfly used in this tutorial here it is! And if you want any more information about working with stencils please visit All-About-Stencils.com

Free Download Butterfly Tribal Stencil 

Free Butterfly Tribal StencilYou Have Permission To Download And Use This Design For Personal Use Only

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