Easy Haircuts

Here are some ideas for easy haircuts based on the style you already have.

Easy Haircuts

Keeping It Easy

While many of us find ourselves surfing internet pictures of Hollywood stars to find our perfect haircut, we forget that these are probably not easy haircuts.

We also forget that, unlike Hollywood's finest, we do not have our own personal army of stylists waiting to keep every strand flawlessly in place. A better idea is to decide on your haircut based on your lifestyle. Moms are some of the busiest people in the world, and between carpools, soccer games, dinner, and bedtime stories, you definitely do not have time to spend an hour primping your hair each morning.

Hair that is Straight and Long

Straight And Long Easy Haircut

Straight Short Easy Bob Haircut

Add Short Layers To Frame Face
For Long Straight Hair
Chin Length Bobs For Short Straight Hair

While choppy layers are all the rage, a cute alternative that is also much simpler is a cut that is all one length at the bottom and has a few short layers to frame your face. With this cut, even if you have to let your hair air-dry, it stays smooth. The short layers at your eye and cheek level will help to add volume without the hassle.

Hair That is Straight and Short

For hair that virtually styles itself, go for a chin-length bob with a stacked back. The stacked look gives your hair a voluminous look that could otherwise only be created with layer by layer blow drying. Because the shape of this cut falls so naturally, there is really no work involved in fixing it; just brush and go!

Style Tip: Washing your hair daily prevents it from looking oily or limp. We know you're busy though, so even a dry shampoo will absorb excess oil and help you go an extra day without looking like it.

Hair that is Wavy and Long

Straight And Long Easy Haircut

Wavy Short Easy Bob Haircut

Add Layers To Long Wavy Hair
Add Layers To Short Wavy Hair In A Bob Style

Lots and lots of layers will keep you from having boring, limp hair. Have your hairdresser put several layers throughout your hair; especially at the cheeks, jaw, and neck. With these layers, your hair has volume and style even if you do absolutely nothing to it. Also keep the long look below the shoulders to avoid unwanted bulk.

Hair That is Wavy and Short

Again, layers are the way to go; just keep short bobs slightly below the chin. Since the layers naturally blend into your hair, you aren't left with a choppy look and your hair has natural volume.

Style Tip: To keep those sexy waves in place all day, rub a small amount of gel through damp hair and let it air dry.

Hair that is Curly and Long

Long Curly Easy Haircut
Keep Curls Soft Without Too Many Layers
Curly Short Easy Haircut
Pixies For Short Curly Hair

If you don't have time to spend shaping and styling your curly locks each day, then definitely avoid excessive layers and very dramatic looks. Instead, keep it simple with a few long layers to provide volume and bounce.

Lots of layers when you are short on time will leave you with poof and frizz that will have you stuck in a ponytail rut. Be sure your hair falls below the shoulders and only add layers that are slightly shorter than the length of your hair. Curly hair is already glamorous, so there's no need to create extra work for yourself.

Style Tip: Scrunch some mousse into longer curls to give them definition and bounce. Don't fuss too much though; the more you let them do their own thing, the better they look.

Hair that is Curly and Short

In this particular situation, there is no better choice than a classic pixie. By only leaving your hair a few inches long, you allow the curls to relax and reduce frizz as well as work. In the world of easy haircuts, the pixie is a definite award winner. Try a styling paste to add shape and texture to a pixie cut- plus guarantee that it stays where you want it to all day. This look requires almost no effort but looks classy and sexy.

Hair that is Coarse and Long

Long Coarse Hair Braided
Braids For Long Coarse Hair
Bob For Coarse Hair
Asymmetrical Bobs For Short Coarse Hair

This is probably one of the most difficult hair types to deal with when in a hurry so your best bet is either braids or locks. These keep your hair in control and leave you with nothing to worry about. If you want the long, straight look without the daily battle with a flat iron, you can look into keratin treatments at your salon.

You'll need to clear a couple of hours for the initial treatment, but the results are long lasting. Plus, keratin is a much healthier alternative to harsh chemical treatments.

Hair that is Coarse and Short

A layered bob that is long enough to hit the center of your neck is just the thing for this hair type. Add long, side-swept bangs, and you've got the winner for easy haircuts. The extra length (compared to other hair types) will add weight to hair and keep it from poofing up.

The layers and bangs give you a very nice shape as well as a chic style. This hair type requires regular maintenance to prevent split ends. If you don't go in for regular trims at least every six weeks, the split ends will keep moving up and cause serious breakage.

Style Tip: Pamper yourself with an at-home hot oil treatment at least twice a month to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. Always look for products that use natural ingredients like olive oil and Vitamin E. It's also recommended to leave the oil in for at least 45 minutes, regardless of what the package says.

This allows the oil to penetrate and the results will be fantastic. This way, you can maintain your easy haircuts at home and keep yourself looking like you just spent the day at the salon.

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Updated October 25, 2011

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