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Easy Everyday Hairstyles

Featuring Christine Baranski

easy everyday hairstyles

Christine Baranski wears her hair in an full Bob hairstyle that calls for confidence to carry off.

So many times, you can wear your hair in many different easy everyday hairstyles than you would have believed possible as long as you have the gumption to try something new.

Everyday Hairstyles

Christine’s full Bob hairstyle is just essentially a typical Bob worn with a lot of volume and loads of body, however, not everyone would be this bold. Christine lets her personality shine through and takes a chance with easy everyday hairstyles that pays off in spades.

The full Bob hairstyle that Christine wears has many long layers throughout that allow her to reach the volume amount throughout her hairstyle that she is seeking but still wants easy everyday hairstyles. She wears the sides and crown brushed back away from her face in waves which allows her lovely features to be shown off.
Enjoy, easy everyday hairstyles







style steps hairstyles for older women

Wash your hair with products made for your hair type

Detangle with a wide tooth comb and then disperse a palmful of styling mousse through damp strands with your fingers

Blow dry your hair in small sections that are easy to work with.

Use a large round brush while drying to give your locks fullness and body

While you dry, lift your hair at the crown and towards the back so that you can give your hair as much body as possible, this is also the same way you want to dry your sides.

The back of your hair should be dried down and under, always lifting at the roots for that implementation of volume

When your hair is dry, use a large barrelled curling iron to roll your hair back in the front and on the sides

Backcomb gently throughout your hair until you have the desired amount of fullness

Comb through your curls separating them with your fingers that have a very small amount of styling pomade on them.

Also, rub a dime sized amount of pomade between your palms and smooth your hands over your hair from mid length down

Coat your fingers lightly with hair wax and pinch the ends of your hair to define them

Mist with hair spray for long lasting hold



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Christine Baranski

Easy Everyday Hairstyles
Christine Baranski

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