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Ear Stapling

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Ear Stapling For Weight Loss Is To Give You Appetite Control

There are a variety of weight loss programs available today for anyone that wish to shed a few pounds.

One of these weight loss methods includes that of ear stapling.


This process is based on the concept that by apply pressure to a certain area; you will achieve a certain result. Many individuals refer to this practice as "acupuncture”.

By stapling, you are believed to reduce your appetite by stimulating the "point” on the body that is believed to increase the appetite.

Here, you will learn some valuable information regarding stapling for weight loss.

Appetite Control

When you elect to participate in this method for weight loss, you will have a small piece of metal placed in your upper ear. In many cases, more than one will be inserted in the ear.

Though it occurs in the upper part of the ear, it is placed in the inner cartilage area. Those who practice acupuncture claim that this is the point of the body that controls the appetite.

Many professionals claim that the reason that so many are overweight is that they lack control over how much and how frequently that they eat.

By integrating stapling, it is believed one will acquire the control necessary to shed pounds and keep them off.

Appetite Control Sounds Good

Appetite Control

How Long?

When one engages in ear stapling, there are a number of time frames that can be elected.

Many may wish to leave the staple, or staples, in for just a few weeks. Many leave in the staples for many months at a time.

It all depends on the weight loss goal that is being set. Naturally, the more weight that needs to be lost, the longer that the staple should stay in.

You may also elect to have ear staples placed in just one ear, or both ears.

This choice should be discussed between you and your doctor, or the professional that is inserting the staple into your ear.

Many have claimed weight loss of up to ten pounds per week when going this route.

However, there are many who feel as if weight loss by ear stapling is not an effective means to losing weight.

Documented cases have proven both successful weight loss results and unsuccessful weight loss results.

For those that have tried just about everything to shed those unwanted pounds, stapling may be a consideration.

It is important to note that all results will be based upon the individual, and are not standard.

When engaging in any weight loss program, it is important to integrate an appropriate amount of physical activity.

Exercise Is Still Best

This means that you should find an exercise program that will supplement the program that you are participating in.

It is important to exercise at least a half hour per day. You should start your exercise each day with a warm up session.

This will ensure that you do not pull and/or strain the sensitive tissues and muscles in the body.

Then, you should mix up your exercise routine a little. This will ensure that you work different areas of the body. This helps to tone and firm your body evenly.

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