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Dry Skin Care

dry skin care

Caring for Dry Skin

Dry skin care is needed for a number of reasons and the cause of dry skin can be one or a combination of many factors. A hot arid climate can cause this as can hormonal changes, trying out the wrong skin products and too much exfoliating. It can also be intrinsic in the make-up of your skin type. Whatever is causing your skin to be dry, it is very important that the treatment of it is carried out routinely.

Moisturize Dry Skin

Treatment of dry skin is not difficult and one of the primary concerns is to moisturize regularly. There are two types of moisturizer, the first is simple and cheap to buy and is a product which helps the skin to retain moisture e.g. petroleum jelly. This is easy to obtain as it is sold in many stores. The other type of moisturizer is one which extracts moisture from the air and draws it to your skin. This is an excellent method of moisturizing dry skin especially if you are somewhere with a damp atmosphere. This type of moisturizer is not greasy, so it is better for your skin.

How to Moisturize Dry Skin Properly

There is a correct way to go about your dry skin care routine and that is total skin care which includes correctly moisturizing as part of a regular, daily procedure. First you need to cleanse you face. Do not use soap as this can dry the skin out more. Instead use a cleanser which is specifically made for dry skin (it will tell you on the label.) Do not use toner as this will dry your face out even more. Whilst your skin is still lightly damp from cleansing or after a shower or bath, apply your moisturizer.

Care For Dry Skin

  • When bathing or showering it is advisable not to have the water too hot. Hot water can have a drying effect, so try to keep to a moderate temperature.
  • It is good to remove the dead skin by exfoliating but do not rub too hard or this will make the skin sore and could dry it out even more. If using an exfoliating scrubber, rub lightly or use a proprietarily produced exfoliating or cream which can be less abrasive.
  • Always protect your skin from the effects of the sun. Use a high factor sun cream and a good after sun lotion. You should be able to buy these that are specifically for dry skin types. Cover up and wear a hat to shade your face. Whenever possible sit in the shade. Nothing dries your skin out more than the effects of the sun.
  • Look for products that are specifically made for dry skin types and use them regularly.

The art of looking after dry skin is to treat it with care. Make sure that all products that you use on your skin are mild and also use mild soap rather than detergent for washing your clothes. After bathing do not rub with your towel but pat yourself dry, this has a much less harsh effect on your skin. Treat your skin with respect and use a dry skin care regime daily, your efforts will be reflected in your face.

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Published August 3, 2011

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