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Dry Nail Polish For Easy Polished Nails

TTechnology has taken the beauty industry into areas never anticipated like, of all things, dry nail polish. Yes, really! Dry nail polish! For those of us (like me) who never get their nail polish on without some of it landing on clothing, a table, or other items, dry nail polish sounds wonderful!


How does it Work?

The word polish is somewhat deceptive, but also accurate here. Dry polish is an appliqué. You take a nail strip and apply it to your nail (it has built in adhesive akin to self-stick stamps). Nonetheless, the appliqué has actual nail polish – in fact two coats (a base and a finish). The appliqués even have the smell of nail polish. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference.


Dry polish strips tend to come in sets of 20 (enough for two full applications). The cost is surprisingly affordable coming in under $8.00 (even less for nails without color).

Using Dry Polish

The technique for applying dry nail polish does take a little practice so it’s nice that the appliqués aren’t overly expensive. You have to determine what size strip you need for each nail, how to place it on the nail correctly, how long to apply pressure so the strip adheres correctly, and then how to finish the whole nail so it looks like a professional manicure.

It’s not uncommon to take an hour on your first few tries. However, if you take your time, after a while you’ll be a pro and will be able to do your entire set of fingernails in under a half hour.


Worried about smudging, chipping or smears of nail polish? Not any more! The beauty of dry polish is that all those problems go away. The only thing you have to focus on is learning how to apply them properly. Removing the appliqué is no different than cleaning off normal nail polish.

Toes too: If you’re wondering you can use dry polish appliques on your toenails too!


The appliqué lasts about two weeks depending on the level of manual work you do with your hands (and whether you use protective gloves).

Dry nail polish is a cutting-edge invention in the nail care industry. It gives you all the benefits of beautifully polished nails without a liquid product. Some people find the application process difficult, and there is a definite learning curve to getting them in place properly.

However, since the nail finish lasts about 2 weeks and costs under $4.00 per full set of nails, it’s worth learning. Currently the main store that offers dry nail polish is Walgreen’s.

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