Drew Barrymore Hairstyles, A Sophisticated Celebrity Updo

Drew Barrymore Updo Hairstyle
drew barrymore updo hairstyle

Drew Barrymore has been a Hollywood fixture since she was a very young child. The world has watched her grow-up and develop her own personal style through the years.












For the 2007 Golden Globe awards, Drew Barrymore fashioned her locks into a sophisticated updo. Although at various times Drew Barrymore has worn her locks cropped short, recent years have seen her wearing her tresses in a flattering medium length hairstyle.

As long as you have enough length to your hair that you can pull it back, you can wear a sophisticated updo like Drew Barrymore’s. Your hairstyle will always look that much better when the outfits you pick compliment your hair. That way, the end result is an all pulled together ensemble that makes you look stunning. 

Drew Barrymore Hairstyles

The light brown shade of Drew Barrymore’s hair is highlighted to perfection with various shades of dark blondes. This in turn draws attention to the lines of her face and the golden glow of her skin. Which is set off in the best possible way by the hue of her gown.
As a result, Drew Barrymore’s look for the evening is graceful, sophisticated and attention grabbing. Drew Barrymore’s sophisticated updo speaks of confidence. When a woman pulls all of her hair off of her face, her every feature is on display. That takes self-assurance to pull off the way that Drew does.
If you have certain facial features that you want to downplay such as a high forehead for example, you can do so with bangs. Tendrils are a good way to draw the eye to striking cheekbones. These tricks allow people with different features to wear the same hairstyle and all look great.
Even though Drew Barrymore is wearing her sophisticated updo to a very formal event, you can wear a similar updo to many different occasions. It will not take you very long in front of the mirror at all to create an elegant updo hairstyle like Drew Barrymore’s. It will just look like hours of effort went into creating your hairstyle.
Try not to wash your hair the day of your event as hair that is at least a day old is far easier to fashion into an updo. Not to mention the fact that ‘dirty’ hair will hold a style better than locks that are squeaky clean.
styling stepsStyling Steps Drew Barrymores Updo Hairstyle
Style Hair Steps Work a small amount of styling lotion evenly throughout your hair with your fingertips.
Style Hair Steps Use a wide toothcomb to brush your hair back from your forehead as well as to distribute the product evenly.
Style Hair Steps Scrunch lightly with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Use a wide barrel curling iron or hot rollers to create loose curls around your head.
Style Hair Steps Backcomb your hair at the crown slightly to add a touch of volume.
Style Hair Steps Comb your hair up and gather as if forming a ponytail about midway up the back of your head.
Style Hair Steps Twist and secure your locks with hair clips that match the color of your tresses.
Style Hair Steps If desired carefully pull a few locks down from your updo and curl to create ringlets.
Style Hair Steps Mist liberally with hairspray for lasting hold.
If you happen to have a bang or fringe, simply style as usual to complete your sophisticated updo hairstyle.

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