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Dress To look Thin Fast

How To Look Thin If You Have Gained A Few Extra Pounds

The fastest way to hiding a few added pounds is to know a few tricks in the way you can dress. The right clothes can hide those 5 extra pounds until you deal with the weight gain by diet or exercise.

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black floral high heelsYour Shoes Can Make You Look Thin

This is a time for high heels, with a little extra weight you may not feel like dressing up, but a sexy pair of heels is your best friend right now. A pair of heels will lengthen your legs and silhouette instantly.

Let’s start at your feet and work our way up. Dresses are the best choice right now, but if you must wear pants or jeans, opt for your lower waist lines styles rather than the high waist styles.

Look Thin

Add a top that covers to just below your crotch line or you can wear a tunic style that goes to your knees, just make sure to wear high heels. Finish with a long necklace or scarf ad you have just lost 5 pounds!

It is true, black makes you look thinner; choose black or the darkest shades you own such as dark navy or brown.

Add great accessories; choose your pieces that have a little wow factor, this can be a necklace, earrings, or a scarf. You want to distract the eye and attention away from what you do not want people to see by giving something else to focus on.

Hiding Your Stomach

You may be like mot women and how the first signs of weight gain I the stomach area, this is because we retain a great amount of water in the tissue of our abdomen.

Choose your tops o dresses with an interesting or v neckline to draw the eye up away from your stomach area. If your hair is long enough, wear it up in an up do to take width away from your neck area.

So a girl can get away with those extra desserts or eating ice cream for midnight snacks and get away with it. Just never allow your weight to go 5 pounds over your ideal weight, 5 pounds you can control. And hide.

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Dress To Look Thin

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