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Dragon Tattoos are popular once again, whether you've seen it on television, a book cover, or somewhere on the internet, you are most likely aware of the title, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." You've probably also seen your share of dragons - the main character has a larger than life tattoo of a dragon across her back. 

The tattoo is incredible and has so much detail that your eyes can hardly take it all in. Until this dragon tat graced our vision, it had seemed that dragons in general were becoming somewhat obsolete for tattoo choices.

They were very popular for a while, but then the trend seemed to die out and no one was rushing out to get dragons anymore. Evidently, Lisbeth Salander and her giant dragon have changed that and the tattoos are once again the hot trend. But what does a dragon even mean, and what would be the significance of getting one? Hopefully we can help you be confident when you go under the needle for your own dragon ink.

Beautiful Full Back Dragon Tattoo

The Significance of a Dragon

Why do people choose the dragon? Dragons send a very clear message of power and strength. They are also very commanding and it's difficult to imagine any other tattoo sending a bolder message than a dragon. 

While power and an overbearing presence are common things that come to mind when you think of dragons, what most people don't know is that the dragon is actually a symbol of hope and purity as well. The world over has different feelings towards dragons, and they seem to represent so many conflicting things at once.

Perhaps that is what truly makes the dragon so alluring; its complexity. No other tattooed image could portray strength purity, jealousy and hope, or confidence and rage, all at the same time. 

Dragon Tattoos Send Different Messages

Evidently, dragons mean very different things depending on whether they are tattooed on a man or a woman; or at least their original meanings are such. For a woman, a dragon is meant to represent woman as a creator of life. This ability also sets her apart as superior, and connects her closely with the universe.

Dragons for a woman also represent grace and reserved power that she hides beneath the surface.  There have actually been research studies done that show that women with dragon tattoos tend to be more self-confident. An eyebrow piercing or a lip piercing complete the look perfectly.

For a man (like most things they choose), the dragon represents  power.  A dragon for a man symbolizes that raw supremacy that also establishes his dominance. Ironically, along with these meanings, dragons for a man also symbolize sacred protection of life; in other words, the protection of women. 

When the research was conducted on men with dragon tattoos, most men's responses led researchers to believe that men with dragon tats believe that they are respected because of their wisdom, but feared because of their power.

Dragons are significant all over the world; from Ireland to India, historical and religious books share their own dragon tales. There are many types of dragons that may have different meaning to different people, but when it comes to your own tattoo, you should really just choose the one that you like best. 

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