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Diva Elizabeth Taylor

Diva Elizabeth Taylor, undeniable, unconquerable and unbelievable are only a few of the infinite ways to describe Liz Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor Fashion And Style

The one-of-a-kind, raven-haired, purple-eyed beauty will always be remembered for her spectacular acting but what will be emblazoned in the world's head is her incredible beauty. Her true beauty shone from the inside out.

The actress was able to seamlessly weave through decades of fashion, fierceness and fabulousness. She left an indelible mark in the minds of her peers, later generations and surely future situations. The diva Elizabeth Taylor is synonymous with class, sophistication, glamour and sultriness.

Princess Elizabeth

This divine actress began her illustrious career at the tender age of nine. From the time she landed in Hollywood, strangers and friends alike urged her mother to get her on the screen because of her distinctive beauty.

People noticed that she was different from the other child actresses; there was an air of maturity about her that made her stand out. With her near-perfect good looks, unique violent eyes and dark hair, she was destined for greatness.

As a teen actress, Elizabeth's already good looks continued to blossom into something that was rarely seen. Her beautiful face had gotten her this far, now her maturing body would take her the rest of the way.

Elizabeth was a slender girl who still managed to have womanly curves; therefore she made sure to accentuate her body to the fullest.

Elizabeth Taylor fashion featured slinky dresses that were a large part of her repertoire. They were often low-cut to showcase her cleavage.

Her dresses were usually short enough to show off her shapely legs yet they were always just right, classy and feminine without being too revealing. She wore every variation of colors since they all looked perfect on her.

Crimson reds, cranberries, taupes, creams, blacks--- no matter what color her outfit was, it suited Ms. Taylor perfectly. It also seemed that she could carry off any style. Halter style, tank and off the shoulder dresses were all part of the Elizabth Taylor style and all further accented her beauty and curves.

Maiden Elizabeth

Elizabeth Taylors makeup was always clean and concise. Elizabeth chose colors that complemented her dark hair, light complexion and legendary violet eyes.

Her lips were often outfitted with beautiful ruby reds, cranberries, and crimsons. Elizabeth's eyebrows were always perfectly arched and perfectly shaped.

They were always on the thicker side which contrasted yet complemented her soft features beautifully. Blue shadows beautifully accented the legendary violet eyes. They brought out that extra oomph which she wasn't lacking. The penetrating gaze could put you in a daze.

Her dark hair was often worn shoulder length which drew attention to her long, graceful neck and beautiful, delicate features. Soft waves gave her a soft, romantic look.

She looked sweet, young and innocent. Tight curls gave her a sophisticated, worldly look. As she got older, she would often straighten her hair but she still held on to her signature wave pattern.

Sometimes to change things up, Elizabeth would pin her hair back which added to her elegance and sophistication. No matter what style she chose, she carried it off beautifully and uniquely.

Throughout the 1950s, Elizabeth followed the then-trend and wore full skirts which gave her a youthful, yet mature look.

In one iconic picture taken with Grace Kelly and Lorraine Day, Elizabeth managed to wear a plaid full skirt dress with a twist. She paired the dress with a wide, white belt, waist length white jacket and white gloves.

She finished up the look with a pinned back hairdo with curled tendrils of bangs left out. Beautiful medium-sized hoop earrings completed the look.

Her beauty definitely didn't go unnoticed by the opposite sex. The great Diva Elizabeth Taylor was a master of using her beauty, charm and feminine wiles to grab the attention she deserved.

The show-stopper was married a whopping 8 times because of her breathtaking attributes. She was married to 7 different husbands, marrying Richard Burton twice.

Her wedding dresses were nothing short of breathtaking. They were always classy, beautiful and dreamy as if they were spun from a cloud.

One especially special dress was decked out with a lace top and long sleeves which came down to a crescendo of beautiful, feminine layers. Her veil reached to the floor which added to her elegance and magnificence.

Queen Elizabeth

In her legendary role as "Cleopatra," Elizabeth was able to transform into a beautiful goddess. What made it even special was that she was portraying someone of a different ethnicity.

Her blunt cut and bangs gave her an edgier look that people weren't used to seeing.

elizabeth taylor egyptian eye makeup
Diva Elizabeth Taylor And The Famous Egyptian Eye

It seemed to make those eyes even more intense and beautiful. She perhaps revolutionized the "Egyptian-eye" like no other. Strong shadows adorned her eyes followed by kohl black eyeliner that extended past her eyes giving her a cat-eyed look.

One-shoulder goddess dresses made her look even more regal with their perfect cuts and bold colors. Her jewelry may have been abundant but it suited her well. She was truly Queen Elizabeth.

Not only was she a classic beauty but she was bold enough to take fashion risks. She wasn't afraid to try out unique head wraps and headdresses or big, bold jewelry. Elizabeth gave patterns a shot as well as wild colors.

Once she wore a circular, geometric head wrap that gave her a futuristic look. When many people shun fur, Elizabeth kept hers and wore hers like the queen that she was. She made it look so elegant, so beautiful, so Elizabeth.

Elizabeth the Legend

The Diva Elizabeth Taylor was one of those few people who kept her looks from the beginning to end. Even later in life, you could still see that young girl who had once graced the screen of yesteryear.

Whether healthy or not, she retained her beautiful, extraordinary composure. Her beauty truly shone from the inside dedicating herself tirelessly to issues such as HIV/AIDS.

Sadly her passing has left a void in the world but she will never be forgotten. The out-of-this-world diva Elizabeth Taylor is one of those extremely rare beauties who left an impression in the minds and hearts of all with her fashion savvy, beauty, charity and overall uniqueness.
We will always love, the true diva Elizabeth Taylor


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