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Take some time and really think about what costume suits you and what Disney character you admire most, but at the end of the day, you are going to find that there are plenty of different costumes that are available for you to choose from and plenty of different ways for you to make the costume work!

The first thing that you have to consider when you are looking for the best Disney costume is to think about what character is going to suit you best.

Think about the Disney film that you or your child just can't get enough of, and think about which of the character delights you the most.

Do you think that you embody the very spunky Ariel, or do you prefer the wonderfully sarcastic and expressive Belle from Beauty and the Beast?

Maybe you or your child prefer the idea of getting into a robot costume and pretending to be the robot from Wall-E In any case, choosing the character is one of the most fun parts!

disney costumesOnce you have your character chosen, you will find that you should think about footwear and hair, essentially the bottom and the top of your costume.

Nothing is going to give you a better sense of costuming drama than getting these details right, and once you have the costume taken care of, they should be your next stop.

To get a really great Disney Princess feel, you can look around for Mary Jane-style flats, or you can scour the ballet stores for ballet shoes with soft soles.

Remember that practicality should come before style, so if you are planning to hike across the neighborhood, take some time and consider your trustworthy shoes.

If you have long hair, you'll find that you are perfect for most of the Disney princess out there.

Brushing long hair out and applying a small about of spray in glitter can give you a terrific effect as Ariel, and if you are interested in Snow White, you may want to look into a subtle finger wave around the temples before bunning your hair up at the nape of your neck.


If you have shorter hair, a wig is going to be your best bet, so take a look around for one that suits the character or one that you can style a little bit.

Keep in mind that Halloween can be a great time to play dress up, and if you or your child want to have some fun with make up, now is the time.

Of course Snow White is going to have red lips and color on her cheeks, but you'll find that different Disney characters have different needs. Belle might do very well with a nicely even foundation, nude lipstick and scattering of pale freckles on her nose, while Ariel can have a real otherworldly glow.


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Considering Disney costumes can mean a lot when you are dressing for Halloween.
So take some time and make sure that you can get the magical effect that you need!

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