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Discover The Fountain Of Youth In Water

Is Water Really The Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth?

What woman would not want to discover the fountain of youth? We all raise our hand to that question, If you were told there is a product for you that gave you beautiful glowing skin, diminished those wrinkles and fine lines, and started working immediately, no doubt you would be interested.

discover the fountain of youthWhat if you were also told this product could be used safely for all ages, taken over 8 times a day, helped your body perform better overall, and that to boot, it was free! You would probably find that a little hard to believe.

The truth is there is such a product and it is free...It is water

Well, there really is a way for you to discover the fountain of youth and it is nature’s free gift to your skin. A sad fact is we overlook and under use this natural beautifier almost daily. Beautiful glowing skin works from the inside out. The biggest gift you can give your complexion, for the most part comes free of charge.

Water is your renewable source of energy that washes out toxins and waste, two key contributors to a tired and shallow complexion. An added bonus of water, as it is working wonders for your skin, it is also a highly effective appetite suppressant.

Dehydration gives you false hunger feelings so it is very common to misread what is thirst and what is hunger. Your beautifully created body consists of over 600 trillion cells. Each one of those essential cells is made up of seventy percent water.

Knowing that nature never does anything without a reason, water is there for a purpose, and that purpose is to keep us healthy Your body is made to function on water.

The quantity and quality of your water intake is an undisputed fact that both are major contributors to how you feel and to the functioning of your control center, the brain. Almost every function your body performs is dependent on water. It is critical that you daily replenish and supply your body with fresh water.

Your Internal Cleansing

water the fountain of youthToxins and Dead cells need to be thoroughly and regularly flushed from your body or they will accumulate and cause disease.

Place a bad piece of meat in your refrigerator and it will contaminate all the other food.

This is exactly the process that will happen if your body fails to cleanse itself of, toxins, and debris, it becomes contaminated, and disease sets in.

That is not pretty nor does it make for a healthy complexion that glows.

Many acne sufferers would do well to increase their water intake. Your body is totally dependant on you to provide it with the water it needs to flush debris out and perform to it"s utmost.

By water, this does not mean alcohol, soft drinks, tea, coffee, or milks.

Yes, they are all liquids, but the only one that counts here is clear pure pristine water.

Even soda water, flavored carbonated and non-carbonated waters do not count as part of your required daily intake.

Even to this day technology and science have not equaled a better substance than clean water for internal cleansing.

Your Immune System

The strengths of your immune system are found in your blood where protection from foreign pathogens, (agents that causes disease, especially living microorganisms such as bacterium or fungi) takes place.

You have antibodies within your blood whose job is seeking and destroying these pathogens attached to organisms within your body.

If you allow your blood, which is ninety percent water, to be vulnerable to contamination by toxins, your natural antibodies become sluggish and unable to function properly. Just by providing your body with the best possible water available, you enhance its ability to heal and repair itself.

Medicine can cure many ailments, but by making water, your new best accessory you are far head in being preventative. Your skin will love you for it and reward you with a clear healthy complexion that you simply cannot buy.

Enjoy water and discover the fountain of youth

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