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Direct Access Stool,
The Safer Way To Reach The Things You Need And Do

Looking at the Direct Access Stool

Are you an individual who places a high standard on your appearance, regardless of whether you are able to reach the makeup counter?

This Is Not Safe!

This Is NOT Safe!

Is this how clients, customers, or guest are reaching for what they need in your place of business?

Who Should Have The Direct Access Stool?

Hotel And Motel Rooms, Department Stores, Grocery Stores, Shopping Centers, Hair Salons, Cruise Ships, Schools, Voting Locations, Churches, Restaurants, Laundry mats, public washrooms

Be Safe In Your Own Home

Reach counters in the kitchen and bathroom safely and add to the freedom of daily life in your own home.

The truth is that if you are a little person or someone who deals with a disability that makes a wide range of motion difficult if not impossible, getting the height that you need on an average makeup table or make up counter can be difficult. This is where the Direct Access Solutions kit, and especially the step stool that comes with it can be very helpful!



Reaching Up Safely

When you are in a position where you are thinking of looking your best, you don't want to have to deal with an awkward scramble just to get up to the mirror. By the time that you are comfortable, there is a good chance that you are already irritated, annoyed and simply tired of the entire deal.

Things become much more simple if you can just step up with a rail to guide you and steady you, and this is where this stool comes into play.

When you are looking at the stool that comes with the Direct Access Solutions kit, you are going to find that it has been designed specifically with little people in mind.

When you are looking for solutions, remember that you are not alone.

For many people in the service industry, dealing with the needs of little people is beyond their experience and they may not know what they can do to fix this issue.

Remember that they do want your business, and that this kit can help both parties, those that are interested in using them, and those that are interested in getting their business!

Matt Roloff ~ Little People Big World

The product that is being offered by Direct Access Solutions is one from a company that was founded by Matt Roloff, the star of TLC's acclaimed show, "Little People, Big World.”

The kit and the stool in particular have gotten rave reviews from people all over the world, and it is time to find out if it is a solution that you might be interested in.

Whether you are a little person yourself, dealing with degenerative disability, or you are invested in making sure that a location that you are in charge of is adequately servicing the needs of all guests, regardless of size or ability, you will find that taking a look at the Direct Access Solutions kit, particularly with an interest in the stool that it comes with is something that you should take a look at.

Some guests will require more than a fuzzy robe


Are All Of Your Guests Comfortable?

Some of your guests will require more than a fuzzy robe, please meet the need and then let me know,
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