Dimensional Shag Haircut ~ The Exciting New Shag

dimensional shag haircutsThere are so many different ways that you can describe a dimensional shag haircut, but perhaps the most fitting description of all is bold. With its three dimensional volume and sharp edges not to mention the blazing fringe, this hairstyle is smoking hot like fire.

A dimensional shag is definitely not for someone who wants to fade un-noticed into the background. With its sexy ambience, a dimensional shag guarantees that you will stand out in even the biggest crowd.

Although a dimensional shag is designed to be vivacious and daring, if the overall look seems to be a bit too much for you, there are ways that you can modify the style to suit your own personal tastes.

For starters, the fiery color of this dimensional shag can be toned down, if it’s too exotic for your tastes. You can have a great time playing with shades of color to call attention to the many layers found within this haircut.

Even though the bangs on this three dimensional shag were created to allow this look to be even more prominent, you can always opt to change the fringe up or even have no bangs at all if that is what you would prefer.

You could even opt to wear the bangs on your dimensional shag haircut swept to one side for softness instead of the current boxy type bang this fringe provides.

If you would rather have a softer fringe on your dimensional shag haircut, your stylist should be able to easily accommodate your needs.

A dimensional shag cut is actually far more versatile than it may at first appear. This is actually what is known as a deconstructed cut which means that the style is cut in a less defined manner allowing you to ease it into different styles as you desire.

Dimensional shags can be worn on locks that are long, medium length or even slightly shorter. Hair products such as pomade, gel and mousse will help you to achieve the end results that you want.

For many people, color plays such an essential role in a dimensional haircut. After all, depending on the shades you choose, you can make different aspects of your hair pop out while masking other areas.

Of course, it is possible for you to color your own hair at home. However, it is generally a good idea to work with a trained stylist when you are changing the shades of your locks to make sure that you get exactly the look that you want.

This is especially true if you want to use more than two shades in your dimensional shag style.


How To Style A Dimensional Shag Haircut

style steps Wash your hair with products that are designed for your particular hair type and texture
style steps Towel dry and work out any tangles with a wide tooth comb
style steps Fill your palm with styling mousse and use your fingers to work it through your hair
style steps Scrunch your locks with your fingers and tousle your locks gently while blow-drying
style steps Use a medium barreled brush to pull your fringe forward and down while drying
style steps When fully dry work some styling wax through your hair with your fingers pulling outward on the ends for flair
style steps Mist with spray for lasting hold


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dimensional shag haircuts
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Dimensional Shag Haircut

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