Different Mens Hairstyles From Rugged Men

mens long hairstyle sam elliotWith his unmistakable gravelly voice, lanky build, and twinkling eyes, Sam Elliott has filled his extensive career with a whole slew of interesting characters, from animated folks in the barnyard to strangers in a bowling alley.












Sam Elliott

Often cast as a cowboy type because of his rugged good looks, he’s also got a style conscious ‘do that men of any age would be wise to emulate. Elliott’s hair is left messy sexy and cut to shoulder length with long layers. This leaves his hair rounded and full, and plays up the natural wave.

If your hair has a bit of a wave, you can steal a little of this look with a longer cut, and when hair is still damp from the shower, apply a puff of volumizing mousse. Once that has been worked through, pick your part (side or middle), and apply a spray wax or texturizing gel and scrunch hair with your fingers to play up natural waves.

This favorite cowboy even has numerous web sites dedicated to his moustache – his has even been ranked #7 of the Best Movie Moustaches.  Sam Elliott’s ‘stache is a cowboy favorite, the handlebar.  If you happen to be man enough to wear one, keep it looking tidy and formal-ready with regular trims and a clean shaven rest of the face.  A little moustache wax (or regular pomade will work as well) will also keep your long facial hair looking stylish and well-groomed


Different Mens Hairstyles From Rugged Men

This men's hairstyle gallery features some pretty rugged actors, Alic Baldwin, Charlie Sheen, Nick Nolte, Sylvester Stalone, Willem Dafoe, Alic Baldwin, Christopher Walken, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Penn, and Mel Gibson. Although these are all pretty rugged guys their hairstyles range from long ponytails to men's classic short hairstyles.

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Different Mens Hairstyles

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