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Diet Snacks For Smart Snacking On Your Diet

diet snacks

Diet Snack Tips For Smart And Healthy Snacking

if you’re not careful, can slowly and silently sidetrack your resolutions, damage your health, and expand your waistline.

Regrettably, candy bars, ice cream, chips, nuts, and other treats too numerous to mention are as much a part of the American dietary landscape as the Rocky Mountains are of the natural landscape. These treats are not your best diet snacks.

We eat them almost subconsciously throughout the day and into the night-between meals, at work, while watching TV, even while we drive.

And though no single snacking episode may strike us as especially unhealthful, the cumulative effect of all this constant munching and crunching eventually shows up both inside and outside the body, contributing greatly to the weight problems and heart ailments that currently plague literally millions of us.

You may think: "The odd candy bar every now and again won’t kill me!” To which we reply: "No, an occasional candy bar probably won’t do you in, but a single 2-ounce Snickers does contain 30 percent more calories and 3 times the fat of two comparably sized, fruit-filled granola bars that over a lot more by way of nutrients and fiber.”

But even at that, a treat from time to time isn’t what ruins most diets. Larger problems arise when your urge to indulge in junk food becomes habitual when unhealthful snacks start to make up a greater proportion of your daily diet than the lighter, healthier fare you should be eating.

In the real world, of course, our busy lifestyles don’t always allow us to eat as regularly and as thoughtfully as we’d like to. In the real world: snack happens. Snacks, however, don’t necessarily have to come in a plastic bag or a cellophane wrapper to be quick, convenient, and satisfying.

In fact, healthful, natural substitutes for the sweet treats and crunchy goodies you’re devouring now can be found throughout the produce section of your neighborhood supermarket. Instead of having a bag of salty corn chips while you catch tonight’s episode of fun and romance, why not try crisp carrot and celery sticks with a nice, low-fat dip?

When your sweet tooth cries out for chocolate, why not attempt to satisfy the craving with some plump, juicy grapes, a serving of fresh-cut melon, or a bowl of ripe strawberries?

All are tasty, nutritious alternatives to the high-cal, high-fat junk food found not only in vending machines but also in most home pantries. Bananas, oranges, apples, pears, and host of other fresh fruits and veggies also make great go anywhere, eat-anytime diet snacks.

Use them to turn your formerly unhealthy snack attacks into the wholesome, nutrient-rich "mini-meals” that more and more dieticians are recommending as the optimal way to eat!

Before we leave this subject, we should mention that smart snack alternatives can be found outside the produce section, too. Examples for good diet snacks include:

Nonfat frozen yogurt, sorbet, or juice bars as a substitute for ice cream

Unsalted pretzels, microwave popcorn, rice cakes, or whole-grain crackers as a substitute for potato chips, nuts, and other salty snacks.

Bagels or low-fat bran muffins as a replacement for droughnuts, Danish, snack cakes, and other sugary dessert or breakfast treats

High-fiber fruit bars as a replacement for candy bars

All-natural fruit juices or flavored waters as an alternative to soda or caffeinated teas.

Those Midnight Snacks

It’s Midnight … and you should probably be curled up in bed getting your beauty rest. But instead, you’re camped in front of an open refrigerator door, trying to choose between the three remaining slices of last night’s pepperoni pizza and a dish of chocolate chip ice cream.

Though we confess we’ve done the same too many times to recall, the fact is that late-night snacks and meals are a real diet "don’t.” You see, your metabolism slows down as the evening progresses, which means that nearly all of those after-hours calories will tend to go straight to the places you want them least – namely, the hips, buttocks, and thighs, Sweet diet snacks do not make for sweet dreams!

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