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This section on dieting will help you change those odds and start a successful diet plan that works.

Learn what works for dieting and most important what does not in this diet guide.

Diet Guide And Diet Information

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Important diet guide tip, when you tell a friend that you are about to "go on a diet,” the built-in assumption is that there will come a time when you will be "off” that diet.


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Dieting - The Dos, the Don’ts, and
Don’t You Dares Of Diets

In this sense, a diet is somewhat like a vacation, though perhaps not an altogether pleasant one.

You depart for a strange new place, linger a while to see the sights, then return home to the familiar surroundings of your everyday routine.

The vast bulk of diets fail, in fact, because the dieter embarks on the new regimen with a short- term weight reduction goal in mind, but has no deep-rooted reason to continue the program once the goal has been reached.

Crash dieters are the worst for this. Fully 90 percent of them eventually regain every ounce they worked so hard to lose—and many regain more. Think about that for a minute: Nine in ten.

Scary, isn’t it? If a teacher told you during registration that nine of every ten students in her class were going to fail, you would not be in any rush to sign up.

Yet thousands of us jump on the diet bandwagon every day—nearly all with good intentions, but remarkably few with a reasonable chance of success.




Keeping A Daily Food Diary

article food diary

See how keeping a daily or weekly food diary can help you lose weight. Food diaries show you all those hidden calories from home meals to dining out.
A Food Diary For Weight Loss


Burning Calories

You will get better results with your diet if you add burning calories, exercise is the most effective way to burn those extra calories and help you lose weight.
Burning Calories


Food Serving Size

View this sample list of the serving sizes for foods we eat daily, most of us eat 3 to 4 times the recommended portion size!
Serving Sizes


Diet Guide And Diet Information

Diet Pills


Diet Pill Reviews


Trim Spa

Are Trim Spa diet pills safe? Read cautions, concerns, and side effects in this review of Trim Spa Pills before you buy.
Trim Spa Reviews


Diet Guide

Food For Diet Plans


Read Food Labels

How to read food labels to know the amount of fat and calories you are adding to your daily diet. Get control of what you are eating by what you are buying.
Reading Food Labels


The USDA Food Guide Pyramid

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA, has developed a food guide in the form of a pyramid that gives you the recommended amount or servings of foods you should be eating daily for a healthy and balanced diet plan.
Food Guide Pyramid


Diet Snacks

You can include snacks in your diet that are not high in fat and calories like the average sweet snacks. See what snacks are the most filling and the best snack alternatives. Snack smarter to lose weight.
Diet Snacks


Daily Fat Intake

How you can reduce the obvious and not so obvious daily intake of fat, fat makes up a whopping 40% of the average American's daily diet! Is there any wonder we are all struggling to lose some weight?
Daily Fat Intake


Healthy Eating Diet Plans

Eat a healthy diet that gives you nutrients rather then high fat calories to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight. Go back to basics and a diet filled with a balance of meats, vegetables, dairy, and breads, cereals, and pastas. All in moderation, all so good for you.
Healthy Eating Diets


Spicy Food And Weight Loss

spicy foods fpor weight loss article

If you eat spicy foods can it help you lose weight? Adding more spicy foods to your diet can raise your metabolism for faster weight loss.
Spicy Foods For Weight Loss


White Tea And Weight Loss

white tea for weight loss article

White Tea with EGCG can be a benefit to your weight loss diet, read how white tea differs from green tea and how might it help to prevent weight gain
White Tea Benefits



Diet Guide And Diet Information

Dieting Concerns


Teens Eating Disorders

When teens take a diet to the extreme it can lead to eating disorders. Why are these teenage girls so pressured to be thin?
Teen Eating Disorders

Dieting Goals


Reaching Your Ideal Body Weight

How to find your ideal weight using this simple formula that works for both men and women. Calculating your body weight can give you a good guide as to how much weight you want to lose and what your ideal weight goal should be to maintain.
Ideal Body Weight


Diet Guide And Diet Information

Dieting Motivation


Starting A Diet

The hardest part of any new diet can be getting started, how to start a diet begins with motivation.
Start A Diet


Diet Guide And Diet Information

Dieting Success


Characteristics of Diets That Work

Why do some diet plans work and others do not? For diet plans that work they need to be based on realistic goals and expectations and be both gradual and sustainable.
Diets That Work


Characteristics Of Diets That Fail

Why do some diets fail no matter how hard you have tried? Meet your diet demons: greed, speed, self-denial and laziness.
Diet Failure


Diet Guide And Diet Information

Diet Plan Reviews

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Diet Guide And Diet Information



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