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Diana Ross Style

Diana Ross Style has transcended for decades in the entertainment business.

The Lady Sings the Shots

Who has not heard of the Supremes? The musical talent that graced the airwaves in the 1960s and then launched one of the most fashionable individuals in the world.

What makes someone an icon? Is it talent or determination? Could it be the Diana Ross style that sets her apart? Consider that all those things help but great icons tend to be naturals.

They are people that right from the start stand out from the crowd. Diana Ross is one of those people, a woman with natural grit and a hardworking ethic that took her far in her career and fame.

Young Diana Ross

The young Ross first found success as part of the original Supremes line up. Ross soon became lead singer of the legendary Motown act, revealing herself to be driven and naturally charismatic.

A Diva from the start Ross had arrived on the music scene and began making her mark. After the Supremes had run their course she was ushered into a solo career and the Diana Ross style again helped her make the move from group member to solo performer and exception style icon.

Separate from the rest of the group, Diana Ross' fashion style could take center stage and develop as a unique expression of her own inspiration and design sense.

Style is a Gift

The Diana Ross style is about class and presence. She had her edgier moments and a few hiccups along the way but when most individuals think of Ms. Ross, they recall stunning gowns, big hair and bold makeup statements.

Of course back in the 1960s with the Supremes her look was more youthful than that of the grand diva she would become, and the sparkly gowns were interlaced with numerous cool typically 1960s outfits.

The iconic Diana Ross style is very much centered round artful showmanship and she dresses to impress while maintaining a slightly more down to earth look than some of her contemporaries.

Diana Ross' fashion style in 2011 is just as glamorous onstage as it always has been, and she is truly a woman who knows how to own a stage and captivate an audience.

Her off stage look has however been a little out of sorts of late, Ross was recently photographed in a Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills looking rather disheveled, and very un-diva like.

Having said that she would be less noticeable and even passable if she were anything but the celebrity she is, and the Diana Ross style has been inscrutable for decades.

In The Movies

By the time Ross moved on from the Supremes her pronounced Diana Ross style was already developed and she clearly looked the part of a film star. It's not surprising therefore that opportunity knocked.

Diana Ross played the part of the legendary Billie Holiday in the 1972 classic Lady Sings the Blues a role for which she received a Best Actress academy award nomination and a Golden Globe.

Numerous Movie and TV roles have followed over the years seeing the Diana Ross fashion style used to full effect. The entertainer is always able to pull off a polished and glamorous look reminiscent of old Hollywood.

A Legend in Her Own Lifetime

As well as movies and TV roles Diana Ross style took center stage as she was featured in many TV programs. In addition to this she has been portrayed and referenced in countless productions and books.

Millions of words have been written about this somewhat dichotomous star. We guess that's what it is to be a mega star. The Diana Ross style is analogous with glamour and respectability, maybe that's why Ross was invited to perform at the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize concert.

Ross is the kind of performer that can be trusted to show up, wow the audience with grace and talent and poise, all trademarks of the classic Diana Ross fashion style.

Work Life Balance

Diana Ross is a true entertainer, a show woman and despite the very public problems she has endured it seems like Diana Ross the performer is a separate person from the woman the world has seen divorced, enduring great personal loss as well as battling addiction.

Ross has had some real lows which landed her a short stay in prison back in 2004 after which time she checked into rehab. Her life has been tumultuous to say the least and in some ways the Diana Ross style reflects this as her on stage look is like war paint, almost communicating that she is a true survivor.

Another thing that impresses us about her is the lack of cosmetic surgery which contributes to the authenticity of Diana Ross' fashion style. When Ross takes the stage you feel you are looking at a real woman that has seen some life and isn't afraid to look her age.

The Show Goes On

The Diana Ross style and career has spanned six decades and despite the hardships Ross has not stopped working, even after her spell in prison Ross was onstage within weeks.

Diana Ross progressed seemingly effortlessly from group member to solo singer and actress. Growing as a performer and of course showing off and developing her fashion style.

Thanks to her music, coupled with her formidable stage presence, and that glamorous Diana Ross style she still tours, performing sellout concerts right to this day.

Younger so called Divas could learn a great deal from Diana Ross, about lasting in a competitive business, about maintaining a great public image (even if you have some issues) and about looking great without going over the top.

Diana Ross's style is many things, from sophisticated glamour to woman about town and it's no accident that she has looked so good for so long. Long may she continue to wow audiences and enchant us with her signature style and homage to one of the world's great entertainment divas.


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Diana Ross Style
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