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Is A Diamond Nail File Right For You?

IIn the nail and beauty industry, diamond nail files are a fairly new invention. As the name implies diamond files use diamond dust in its manufacturing. This creates a washable nail file that's very hygienic and is easily washed with normal water and soap. The diamond files have the durability and strength of diamonds at their disposal to smooth your nails and calluses quickly. And while you might think this would be totally unaffordable, the files sell for about $16.00 each if you shop smart.


The strength of diamond files make them a hit with people who want something they can carry around and not worry over. Also there’s certainly a certain sexy allure about shaping your nails using diamond dust. That old saying, "a diamond is a girl’s best friend” certainly applies, but it can also apply to men wanting something strong and rugged for both their fingernails and toe nails.

Also a fair number of diamond nail files have been being tested in salons. This means you can get feedback from both consumers and hand care experts as to what they like, don’t like, and what they recommend depending on the condition of your fingernails.

Note that some manufacturers have a separate form of fingernail file from toe nail file. Since toenails are far thicker and tougher than fingernails, that’s a sensible approach. However, there is no reason you can’t use a fingernail file for your toes if you’re short on cash. It will simply take a little longer to shape them.

Diamond dust isn’t just being used for diamond files. It’s an ingredient that can be found in nail polish for resiliency, teeth whitening products, and even in perfume! There’s a special feeling to diamonds, and there’s no question that they provide a good foundation for product longevity or performance.

That’s no surprise since it’s the hardest gem on the planet (by comparison talc is a 1). While you will spend a little more at the outset for a diamond nail file, it will probably far outlast a metal nail file and most certainly outlast a traditional emery board. In terms of efficiency, diamond nail files make for a very smooth finish that has professional appeal.

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