Diagonal Forward Bobs

Diagonal forward Bobs are the latest trend in what has been hands down the most popular base for a hairstyle in women for a countless number of years.

Just recently, Victoria Beckham brought the Bob back to life with her version, aptly named after her- the Pob. The diagonal forward Bob is based off of the Pob with a fresh new twist of its own.

Diagonal forward Bobs hold the distinctive feature of a long side bang in the front on a diagonal that offers up a slight amount of sass that is trendy and fun.

Make no mistake though, a diagonal Bob just like every other adaptation of the Bob hairstyle is the ideal choice for any situation. It also as with all other Bob hairstyle can be suited for virtually all face shapes, hair types and textures.

If you do not think you can pull off a diagonal Bob, we are happy to tell you that you could not be more wrong! Diagonal Bob hairstyles can be modified to work with your hair type and texture as well as your face shape so that you can sport the variation that suits you best.

Although it is true that Victoria Beckham and her Pob as well as the celebrity females who are wearing the new diagonal Bob hairstyle may jet set around the globe, you do not have to be famous to wear this cut and look like a star.

It does not matter if you spend your days at home tending to your family or if you have a high powered career, the diagonal Bob hairstyle is suited to any and all lifestyles.

Getting The Cut

Book a visit with your favorite stylist and let her know that you would like your locks clipped into a graduated Bob with length that is textured and sweeping, you can work with a range of different styles in this are.

After all, it is the diagonal bang that makes this look come together. Once you have your dashing diagonal Bob haircut in place, you’re going to be amazed at how easy it is to care for your fabulous new hairstyle.

Styling Steps - Diagonal Forward Bob

Shampoo and condition with products designed for your hair type and texture.

Towel dry your tresses and use your fingers to work through a generous dollop of mousse or styling cream.

Pull your bang to the side in the diagonal direction that it is designed to go. Arrange your locks as desired and use a medium barreled brush while blow-drying your hair.

Wrap your tresses around the brush while drying to provide maximum fullness and gentle movement.

Once your hair is dry, work some styling wax throughout the ends to create style and definition. Make sure that you use a small amount on your bangs to keep them in place.

Mist slightly with spray shine for a glossy, sleek finish if desired. Spritz gently with hairspray for an all day hold.

Updated February 13, 2014
Author: Tanna Mayer