Diabetic Foot Care, Six Tips For Healthy Feet And Skin

If you have diabetes, it is essential that you take extra good care of your feet.

diabetic feetFailing to do so can result in a variety of serious foot problems, and in some cases the problems can be so bad that amputation may occur.

Just following some very simple foot care tips every single day can help you make sure that you keep your diabetic feet in the best shape possible.

Diabetic Foot Care Tip #1 - Keep Sugar Under Control - One very important of taking care of your feet is to keep your sugar under control.

Always make sure that you take your medicine for diabetes as directed. Also be sure that you make healthy food choices that keep your sugar low as well.

Checking your sugar each day can help you keep it under control, which will help in your foot care as well.

Tip #2 - Wash Feet Thoroughly Daily - Every single day you need to make sure that you wash your feet thoroughly.

Be sure that you avoid using water that is too warm for your feet, so make sure that you test the temperature of the water before you use it. Using water that is too hot will dry your feet and may even result in burns.

Diabetic Foot Care Tip #3 - Check Feet Daily - Many people do not have great feeling in their feet when they have diabetes. For this reason, it is important that you check out your feet every day.

Be sure that there are not cuts, bruises, blisters, or sores that are developing on your feet. If there are any cuts or sores, you may want to see your doctor.

Tip #4 - Moisturize - Another important part of foot care for those with diabetes is moisturizing. Find a good moisturizer that will keep your feet from getting dry and irritated. When feet get dry, they are prone to cracking and bleeding, so you want to keep them moisturized.

Diabetic Foot Care Tip #5 - Protect Feet with Proper Footwear - Wearing footwear, and the proper footwear is very important. You need to avoid going around barefoot, since you may injure your feet this way.

Get shoes that fit you as they should, and wear socks inside that will not slip and slide and start causing any blisters on your feet. Make sure that there are no insects or foreign objects in your shoes before you put them on as well.

Diabetic Foot Care Tip #6 - Get Active - Another thing that you can do daily to take care of your feet is to get more active. Simply walking, biking, or even swimming can greatly improve your circulation, which will in turn help you take care of your feet.

It is important that you avoid doing any activities that could put unneeded pressure on your feet though, such as running or jumping on a trampoline.

These are just a few tips that can help you take the best care of your feet each and every day. Start using these foot care tips and your feet will thank you for it.


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Diabetic Foot Care

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