Beauty And The Bath

Designing Dream Bathrooms, Plan For Luxury

Why is designing dream bathrooms you will enjoy for years to come so important?

How to Design your Dream Bath

Bathrooms are more than a necessity; today they resemble luxury spas and can quickly become one of the most preferred rooms in the home.

In fact, some dream baths are so well favored; they receive more attention than the master bedroom. The key to designing a luxurious dream bathroom is in the plan.

The plan not only includes your favored fixtures but also includes the layout for necessary plumbing and pipe work.

There are many aspects that must be considered when designing a dream bath and careful attention to these will ensure that you are well pleased with the finished result.

Spacious bathrooms are the goal, however, those with limited space can still enjoy the treat of a bath with added enhancements. No matter what your budget or the size of your bathroom; everyone can create a plan that will increase the function of the bath.

By adding features that promote tranquility and relaxation, your dream bath will become a retreat from the stress of the world.

Through lighting, fragrance, heating solutions, and bath fixtures you can transform your bathroom into a lavish getaway, equipped with salon and spa features.

Plumbing and pipe work are an important aspect to consider. As these must be placed in a location that ensures they will be protected from elements such as extreme cold.

The layout of your bathroom will rest greatly upon the underlying plumbing and electrical structures, so these must be planned carefully.

Since safety is of the utmost importance, all electrical wiring as well as the location for electrical fixtures must be placed in a protected location.

When designing your dream bathroom, the size you have available will be the main criteria for the features you choose.

Your first step will be determining if you have enough space or if you need more. It is always best to design your bath with ample space rather than to design it too small.

Determining enough walkway around main fixtures is also important. Make certain that if the fixtures you select for your bath require special installation that you make note of those preparations in your plans.

Not only is space an important factor to consider in your plans, but also the design or shape of your bathroom.

dream bathroom design

It's important to assess your bathroom and determine the best location for the features that you wish to add. There are many luxury items that you can add that will serve double duty.

For those who need added storage capacities, choosing a sink with a cabinet is a great way to save space and have the storage that you need.

Likewise, those with limited space might find that a pedestal or stand-alone sink is the best way to maximize your room. Think about your needs as well as your space and choose the best fixtures for your needs.

Other factors to consider in your plan include the type of tub you prefer, sink choices, flooring options, lighting, whether you want to have a vanity, mirrors, and tiling choices for walls and floors.

Finally, when designing your dream bath, remember that you must build according to your county's or city's building codes and guides. Obtain all permits required and hire licensed professionals to perform the work.
Enjoy, designing dream bathrooms

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Updated April 3, 2012

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