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Dermatch Review

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Dermatch Scalp Concealer

A scalp concealer is one such product that we'll examine closely in this Dermatch Review. From the outset, however, we'll tell you that this little secret is a powerhouse that helps hair look thicker while acting as a scalp concealer too. If you've been struggling with thinning hair or baldness, then you've probably found yourself overwhelmed by the volume of potential products intended to help your hairline.

Who can use Dermatch?

A lot of hair products have been designed specifically for men. Dermatch is for anyone – male or female – and it can be used safely in combination with hair growth drugs. So if you have genetic baldness (like male pattern baldness), hair transplants or alopecia, Dermatch can help you.

Hairy History

Over 15 years ago physicians started applying Dermatch to scar tissue that developed after hair transplants. After observation, it quickly became apparent that Dermatch was not only providing topical shading, but made hair look thicker. So much is the case that even the American Hair Loss Association lauds it as "one of the best hair loss products on the market today."

Understanding Hair Loss

For a long time baldness was considered a men's issue because its very prominent (by age of 35 approximately 2/3 of all men have some level of hair loss already). However, of Americans with hair loss women represent about 40%. That's because men and women both produce DHT, a hormone that can kill hair follicles. Any effective hair loss product must block DHT.

Note that products claiming to unblock hair follicles, improve circulation to the scalp or nourish your hair as a means of hair re-growth cannot do much for your hairline. Having healthy hair is helpful for the hair that remains on your head, but won't re-grow hair. Only two components in hair growth products to date have been recognized by the FDA as effective, namely propecia and rogaine.

How Dermatch Works

Dermatch was created to work cooperatively with Rogain, Propecia or hair transplants. The botanicals and moisturizer protect your skin. All the ingredients come from nature so it's a very safe colorant. You apply Dermatch with a damp applicator for even coating. When brushed through the hair, Dermatch coats and thickens.

You can then style the hair for the greatest amount of volume and coverage. The last step is using a dry applicator so that the hairline looks natural. And don't worry about going to the beach – Dermatch goes on and stays on. In terms of cost, one order of Dermatch typically lasts the average user 8 months. Other scalp concealers won't go that far, and they'll come right off in water.

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Dermatch Review Published September 11, 2009

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