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Demi Moore Hairstyles, Going From Long To Short

demi moore short hairstyleHave you seen Demi's new do? Well, just in time for the warmer weather, you may find this hairstyle the perfect wistful and whimsical change you are looking for, especially if the shape of your face is oval, round, triangular or heart shaped.

Demi's new hairstyle is perfect for those with a hair texture of medium and thick, with a medium to dense hair density.

Demi's glorious mane is fashioned into longer layers towards the front and sides, while the back is in shorter layers.

Her bangs are fashioned at a soft and wispy length that offers a posh and elegant facade around the facial area.

This provides a sleek, tapered appearance of this stylishly chic hairstyling.

This is a fun and carefree hairstyle that requires a medium amount of maintenance, generally taking about ten to twenty minutes, using a blow dryer, mousse and wax.


demi moore short bob hairstyleStyling Steps Demi Moore Hairstyles ~ Short

style stepsMousse Application

Styling mousse aids in achieving a better hold for your hairstyle. Simply apply the styling mousse to your hair while damp. Using your palm, you should distribute the mousse to your hair.

style steps Creating a Left Part

To achieve an even left part, use a comb, while at your mirror, to find the middle of your left eye and then slowly drag the comb up, until you reach your hairline and then continue with the comb towards the back.

Keep in mind that for those with longer faces, a side part creates the illusion of having more width.

style steps Using Small Radial Brushes

Small radial brushes are excellent for creating curls for longer hair, while also being beneficial for adding more body to shorter hair.

Always make sure the radial brush you use has natural bristles, as they will not damage or tear your hair.


style steps Styling the Back Under

Begin at the nape or back, by placing you brush close to the nape area. Hold the dryer over the hair, while pulling the brush from the roots, continuing to the mid length, as you use the dryer to follow along the top. Upon reaching the ends, you will curve them under. Repeat, until this area is dry.

style steps Styling the Sides Under

To style the sides under, you will begin by taking a small section from the front and clipping the rest of the hair away. Then you will place the brush under this section, pulling the brush and hair towards your face with a curving motion that adds body. Holding the blow dryer above the brush as you reach the ends, turning the ends under as you go will create the effect you seek. Repeat until dry.

style steps Styling the Crown Area

To style the top or crown area, you will section the hair in small amounts than the diameter of your brush. Place the brush under these sections of hair while blow-drying. Hold the dryer in front of your brush and follow it in an upwards direction from the roots, at an outwards position towards the ends to create soft volume. Repeat until dry.

style steps Styling your Bangs Forward and to the Right

Here you will need to clip you hair back, leaving only your bangs to style, while blow-drying. Your bangs should be damp, for the best results. Place your brush underneath the hair beginning at the roots, applying tension to the hair, as you use the dryer. You will slowly pull these sections down to their ends, while you continue to dry them.

style steps Teasing Your Hair

Using a tail comb, you will pick up small sections of your hair, from the mid section. Begin by placing the comb at the roots and simply comb up and down, until the hair stands by itself. Continue on to the crown and finish by teasing the sides. Repeat this step, if you need more volume.

style steps Applying Wax Behind Your Ears

Apply a little wax to your fingertips, while placing it at the roots above your ears, while dragging the wax through your hair and pull it behind your ears on either side.

style steps Styling Your Bangs to the Right with Wax

Apply wax as before, while dragging it through your bangs and to the right. To create a soft appealing texture, pinch the ends of the hair.

style steps Lifting Your Roots with Wax

Applying the wax to your fingertips, you will then rub it into the roots of your hair as you lift these strands of hair to gain a soft full volume.

Follow these simple directions and experience your own whimsically wistful lovely locks!
Enjoy, Demi Moore Hairstyles


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