Beauty And The Bath

Delightfully Mad

My name is Madyson, I'm a twenty-one year old girl from the US, and today, my friend and I shaved my head.

Being Beautiful And Bald

There were a lot of contributing factors to me shaving it. A personal choice, a feminist stand, curiosity, and cancer awareness amongst them.

I've lost quite a few family members and loved ones to cancer in the past, and recently.

Above everything else, I just wanted it. Living where I do, even having short pixie cuts is considered less feminine, and as someone who always loved experimenting with hairstyles, this bothered me.

This is a heads up to those who think you can't be beautiful and bald! I sure am!

Anniston, Alabama, USA

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Updated February 22, 2012

Madiyson Before Going Bald

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