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Delicate Lingerie Care

How to Preserve your Lingerie in Optimal Shape

Lingerie has always been considered a fashion statement as well as a necessity, and should be taken seriously.

Especially these days as when selected the right way, it could turn into an investment that should last some time.

Thus, with the proper delicate lingerie care you could actually be directly responsible for extending its life whilst enjoying them alongside this process.

Read Lingerie Labels

Most people take into consideration the label sewn into newly bought lingerie, and so should you!

Nobody understands lingerie and how to care for them better than the manufacturers themselves, so in turn the label will never lie and it's best to take the advice and instructions written there seriously or you could risk ruining the garment.

Information labels aren't there just to be ignored!

Their sole purpose is to draw your undivided attention to that delicate lingerie care and how it should be treated so that in times and occasions to come, you can enjoy your fine lingerie every step of the way.

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Published May 13, 2012

Caring for Special Fabrics

Silk has been always been a pretentious material so caring for it requires some special instructions and characteristics.

Being a very delicate fabric at first hand but oh so strong, more attention and effort must be put into washing such lingerie, usually a mild soap or a special silk wash, but never detergent.

Otherwise, in this case it is more useful to use hot water and a bit of patience.

Thus soak the lingerie in hot water and wash your silk lingerie while continuous agitating gently, not in any other way for it may stretch or twist the fabric causing unwanted damage to the fabric.

After a few minutes (five at the most), rinse well under a stream of cold water. All you have to do now is iron them slightly and you're good to go.

How to Care for Lingerie in the Absence of a Label

But what happens when you've lost that label, or if by mistake you've removed it?

Don't worry, it happens! Well, here are a few tips that might just work out in most cases:

It's safe to wash your favorite lingerie by hand, in some cold water, but only using a soft or somewhat mild detergent.

Don't use aggressive ones, for it may damage the fabric and thus in a couple of months' time you could be on the lookout for a new pair of garments! In addition, always drip dry lingerie; try to avoid the dryer for it may damage the garment.

You could use from time to time a gentle steaming to flatten and remove some of those wrinkles making the lingerie more elegant, sexy and pleasant to the eye nonetheless.

Moreover, some manufacturers or licensed advisors from various companies are in favor of the lingerie washing bags for special items or fine quality garments so that they don't get twisted or stretched in the wash, leading thus to occasionally damaged fabric.

These are special types of bags that can be bought from your local drug store or mostly from the place you bought the lingerie in the first place.

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