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Decorative Bath Towels

With a little creativity you can move decorative bath towels into any room of the home.

Decorative Bathroom Towels

You can also use them cleverly to accent your personal tastes in the lavatory. Bath towels need not remain solely in the bathroom.

For example, if you're having company over you might want to have warmed wash clothes for after dessert as a truly luxurious way to end the meal.

Or perhaps you'll roll up two hand towels of different colors and leave them on the kitchen cupboard to highlight the colors there. Really you have a lot of creative leeway here – so have a little fun.

The Bathroom Proper

While some folks will get bath towels out to various parts of the home as accents, the majority of individuals focus on the bathroom area, be it to bring more color into the room, to support a theme, or to provide the room with a special feel on certain occasions (like the holidays or when guests are coming).

So how do you go about using decorative towels in this area?

  1. First choose your color scheme. Note that you need not change over your entire line of towels to make an effective statement. Begin inexpensively with a wash cloth, hand towel and bath towel. Remember these don't have to be the same color, they just need to have eye-appeal when you put them out. Solid colors are easier to mix and match than mixed, but a patterned towel looks stunning between two solids!
  2. Second, play around with the way you hang them up. Decorative towels can be layered, tied, tilted, artistically folded, stacked and/or draped. See what you like best based on your color choices and what kind of hanging configuration you've got available in hardware.
  3. Add other elements besides the decorative bath towels. For example, a fresh flower or bottle of novelty shampoo or soap on top of a fresh stack of towels is incredibly inviting for a guest.
  4. Consider luxury towels. Again you don't have to invest in a lot of them – just a few to bring out when you want to pamper yourself or guests. One or two fluffy white towels made from high quality materials will last through several bathroom style changes without a problem.
  5. Decorate your towels with embroidery, tassels, or special borders. If you're adept at sewing this approach beautifies your bathroom, but if you wanted the finished item could become a custom made gift!

By the way, if you're going through all the trouble to put pizzazz into your bathroom, consider having a heated towel rack too. Nothing speaks lavishness and indulgence like a warm towel from a perfectly appointed setting.


How expensive this undertaking becomes is really up to you. Decorative bath towels can be very affordable especially if you watch for sales.

Certainly if you're buying higher-quality towels the prices will be higher (typically Egyptian towels being the most expensive).

However, you can get a great look with decorative bath towels within your budget easily just by doing a little comparison shopping.
Enjoy, Decorative Bath Towels

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Updated March 16, 2012

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