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Dead Sea Nail Buffer

Buffing your nails is one way to strengthen them and get them to shine without any polish. One tool you might choose for this job is a dead sea nail buffer.

While these cost a little more than some other types of nail files (between $15 per each to about $30.00 if you buy in sets of four), they have the unique capability of using your fingernails' oils as part of the polishing process.

Using a Dead Sea Nail Buffer

Dead sea nail buffers have a black strip on one side. This should be used as other nail files – namely move only in one direction. If you do this for about 15 seconds per nail you should notice the surface of the nail becoming smoother.

You do not have to do this step every time you buff. Rather once a month should be sufficient. To finish your nail, use the white part of the nail buffer. This time, however, you want to file back and forth (again for 15 seconds). This particular treatment gets rid of any minor scratches the black strip did not. It also stimulates your nails to grow longer and healthier.

Finally, use the gray part of the buffer (yep, 15 seconds!). This will make your nails even the dullest fingernails shine brightly. If you repeat the final buffing about once a week it should keep your nails looking fantastic.


Fingernails protect nerve endings in your fingertips. They’re of course also useful tools for picking up items, peeling, and scratching. However, day to day tasks are pretty rough on our hands. Since hands and fingers are one of the ways in which we introduce ourselves, having healthy looking fingernails can make or break a first impression.

The dead sea nail buffer is a professional grade tool that you can use easily at home. Because it uses your nails’ natural oils you don’t need nail polish to improve the strength and shine of your fingernails. Better still, it’s a fast, simple treatment (the whole process lasts less than 5 minutes).

Dead sea nail buffers often come with accompanying hand and nail products like cuticle oil so you can give yourself a salon style manicure in the comfort of your home. Most of these product lines are heavily focused on natural ingredients that will nourish your hands or fingernails and support overall nail health.


When you consider that a good quality manicure begins at $40 in most salons, a dead sea nail buffer will pay for itself in one use. The tool is very durable and meant to last a long time. It’s good for your nails’ health, and it’s also a very useful beauty implement to add to your manicure kit.

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