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Day To Night Makeup

day to night makeup

Day Makeup To Night Makeup

Exchanging day to night makeup is not complicated. A busy day at the office and then a rush home to prepare for a dinner date doesn't require a lot of time or effort, just some basic knowledge of using different shades of colors to turn a natural lighter day time makeup application into something darker and more interesting for that special night.

The objective in applying makeup for evening wear is to take the shades you like to wear during the day and to make them darker for night wear. Light to medium toned eye shadows for example will work better during the day and you can use dark tones of the same colors for night wear. If you like to wear light lip gloss or peach or coral tones during the day, choosing a red tone for night wear is perfectly acceptable.

General Guidelines for Applying Night Makeup

Day time makeup focuses on an overall natural appearance, but night time makeup should focus on your best features. Most makeup artists suggest you choose to either emphasize your mouth or your eyes.

If you choose your eyes to be your prominent feature, then ensure you get adequate sleep the night before you are going out and if you have time, pamper them a little with some moisturizer. If you have time when you first come home from work, spend just half hour sitting and pampering your eyes with a cold compress or a cool and refreshing cucumber pack over each eye too.

Then work your eye makeup to emphasize your lashes and use darker shades of mascara and eye liner to lift their natural shape. You can complement this with different shades of eye shadow to create a warm look that really makes your eyes prominent and stand out.

If you have chosen to focus on your lips, keep them well hydrated and moisturized during the day and then exchange your day glossy look for a dark plum or dark red that is framed by a black line drawn with your eyeliner. Remember, if you are focusing on your lips to create a more neutral effect for your eyes. If you are focusing on your eyes, don't use darker colors on your lips. You want the completed look to be stunning and not over done and most make up mistakes occur when more than one facial feature is too heavily made up.

Day to Night Makeup Secrets

When your schedule is particularly busy and you don't have time to go home and reapply your makeup, you will need to choose your day makeup carefully and prepare to use it to provide the basis for your night makeup. If your eyes are tired looking, you will need to reapply foundation to help ease out the tired creases and dust them with a light powder afterwards.

Choose the same eye, blush and lip colors you used during the day but reapply with more intensity and thicker coats. This will create a more dramatic look and combined with a slightly different hair style and accessories can completely change your day look and style to one more suited for the night time.

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Updated September 7, 2011

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