Update Your Day Makeup

Perfect day makeup is straightforward to apply if you know how. Woman who have been using cosmetics for a number of years are very conscious of the fact that there is a great difference between how you wear your makeup for the day versus what you would apply for the evening.

A Soft Day Makeup Look

As a woman ages, the appearance of her skin changes and she must be willing to adjust her cosmetics to reflect her different needs. This means, the makeup that you used in your twenties and thirties may no longer be suitable when you reach your forties.

Generally, most woman find that the perfect day makeup is soft and feminine, it flatters without overwhelming. If you are like many ladies who know what they want the end result of their cosmetic application to achieve, but are not sure how to get there, help is available.

The first step in finding what the perfect daytime makeup for you is, is to figure out what makeup palette you should be working with. You will want to find out if you fall into the warm or the cool tones of cosmetics.

Once you have done that, you can purchase your cosmetics so that you can highlight your features with the perfect makeup for you.

As women age, it is essential that they take good care of their skin because your flesh looses hydration as you get older. It is this lack of hydration that causes wrinkles to appear.

When you are trying to create the perfect look, you should actually start with your eye makeup before anything else. This way, if you make an error and want to correct it, you can do so before your foundation is applied.

Mature Womens Day MakeupKeep It Soft

For Your Eye Makeup

Apply your eye makeup working from the base of your top lash line all the way to the crease. Even perfect day makeup can include a touch of shimmer if you like, however keep it light and focus on the brow bone area.

A dark mascara balanced by a liner in a natural shade will open up your eyes and provide you with a more youthful appearance. When trying to achieve the perfect day makeup, avoid liner that is dark.

When you are over forty, you do not want to avoid lining your eyes as they can almost disappear within your face as you age, however, going too dark will look very unnatural.

For Your Foundation

The next step is to use an applicator that has been moistened to apply your foundation. This permits your foundation to go on smoothly without highlighting wrinkles or imperfections that you may have.

For Your Blush

A blush with a cream base is perfect for daytime to create the illusion of firm, youthful flesh. Focus on the apple of your cheeks when putting on the blush and use a light hand as you work your way upward.

For Your Lips

A woman’s lips often thin as they age, so you want to use a light plumping cream before you apply color. Line your lips carefully with a shade that is as close to your natural color as possible.

Fill in your lips with a light shade that will flatter, avoid darker colors that can wash out older women. You want your perfect day makeup to always compliment and never to overwhelm.

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