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David Beckham Hairstyles

david beckham hairstyle

David Beckham Hairstyle

A lot of men in Hollywood have begun sprouting David Beckham Hairstyles. The most common interpretation of the Mohawk gives people a sort of Mohawk appearance without the nasty attitude. There’s something a little softer, yet sexy in the short-hair on sides disheveled hairdo.

Who is David Beckham:

If you’re not a sports person it’s completely possible that you have no idea who this guy is. David Beckham comes from Britain and has a resume that would turn most people green with envy.

His accomplishments include having captained the English National team for 6 years, scoring in three FIFA World Cups, being a Goodwill ambassador, playing midfield for a variety of clubs and becoming part of the Los Angeles Galaxy team in 2007.

In conjunction with his sports success, David Beckham had a variety of merchandising deals that also bring him even further into the public eye.

Change is Good:

One of the interesting things about David Beckham hairstyles is that they change regularly. He’s not afraid to try something a little different, to switch it up, and he probably knows that other men follow his lead.

The basic style is considered a false-hawk, one that’s basically flatter and not totally shaved on the sides. This give an edgy feel without severity. The false hawk requires some styling gel so that you can style the longer hair on top. Unlike the Mohawk, this should not be straight up.

Even with styling it feels more casual – kind of shaggy. It’s a style that begs for someone to run their fingers through your hair. And by the way, women can wear the faux-hawk too – quite successfully.

Other Looks For David Beckham Hairstyles:

david beckham very short hair david beckham layered hair david beckham hair

While the faux-hawk is a Beckham signature, there have been other styles for this soccer player whose considered a bit of a rebel, rocker, surfer boy, hippy type. He’s been seen with his hair pulled completely back in a rubber band or with his hair in a headband.

Sometimes he lets his hair look a little dirty. Balancing that he’s worn more conservative length hair that creates more of a retro look that really highlights his features.

Summary: If you like David Beckham Hairstyles they’re not difficult to get. Many stylists offer variations on the theme at reasonable prices. Better still, since tons of photographs exist, you can take one in to show your stylist exactly what you want. Beyond this David Beckham Hairstyles are easy to care for. Whether you’re jogging, at the office, or on the road, you don’t need to take tons of time to make it look great.

David Beckham Drawing by Carlos San Vicente

David Beckham Drawing by Carlos San Vicente


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David Beckham Hairstyles

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